Heroin, The ultimate downer drug in the market which has been in the spotlight for being highly mind-altering and addictive drug is considered by most as the most dangerous drug of all times, But if you read this post, Youll see the real devil your dealer has got :

55 : Flakka, The Hallucinogenic Monster :


Origination : China
Administration : Orally, Vapour, Snorted or Injected.
Price Category : Cheap
Drug Type : Alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, a synthetic stimulant.
Effects : Murderous rage,Ultra-violence, paranoia.

Flakka, AKA Gravel is notoriously known for giving the users an Instant High, Superhuman strength, Hyper Paranoia and Rage is the top drug of Florida,USA. Chances are if you see a crazy nude man running towards you, Its less likely he is over-friendly and more likely he is on flakka. A man in Florida high on gravel attempted to have sex with a Tree while screaming he was the THOR.
From the mouth of an officer in Florida : Flakka tricks the brain and the nervous system, Soon after injecting the body goes into hyperthermia, generally a temperature of 105 degrees. The individual becomes psychotic. They (the user, not the police) often rip off their clothes and run out into the street violently and have an adrenaline-like strength, police are called and it takes four or five officers to restrain them. Then, once they are restrained, if they dont receive immediate medical attention they can die.
The Most Famous User Of Flakka Would Be The Naked Intersection Guy (Video)

44 : Meow-Meow, The Anti-Fear Drug :


Origination : Europe (Not Confirmed )
Administration : Inhaled, Snorted, Oral, Injected, And anything else you can think of.
Price Category : Cheap
Drug Type :  Synthetic stimulant drug of the amphetamine and cathinone classes.
Effects : Hard Party Vibes, Poor Decision Making, Violence, Teeth Grinding.

Meow-Meow, AKA Mephedrone, White Magic and Drone is an upper drug which gives user an intense party high within half-hour of administration. Top reason to do meow-meow will be because of its cool name and party-drug appearence. Anything that is rad to say and is in powdered form is going to be popular.
The most disturbing incident happened because of Meow-Meow would be the London Teen who killed his mother and then ripped his penis apart. The worse thing about this drug is that it is not illegal in many countries and there is no estimating what the cooks lace this drug up with.

33 : Methamphetamine,The Breaking Bad Drug :


Origination : Germany, Further developed in Japan
Administration : Orally, Snorted, Dissolved In Alcohol and Injected.
Price Category : Mid Range.
Drug Type : Upper at first by stimulating Central Nervous System then acts as an downer drug.
Effects : Euphoria, Increased Energy and Alertness, Aggression,Hallucination.

Methamphetamine, Also known as Speed, Meth, Crystal, Crank etc became the drug of choice for Teenagers after the hit show Breaking Bad. While Crystal Meth has almost the same effects as Crack Cocaine (cheap variant of cocaine), Meth has a longer High, Releases 4x times more dopamine and degrades body faster than crack.
Just like crack and some other drugs, Meth users just care about the next hit after their first hit, Making users addicted on first try. Thus its highly recommended to stay away from them.Below is a story from a real person who lost his family, Job, Money and Home because of meth :
I went home, worked up a STM by read about it online, and started with the smallest crumb. Not much. Went to the largest one. WOAH. rocked my world, big time. Hair raising (literally), spine tingling euphoric rush like a thousand orgasms all at once. Knocked me off my feet. As the rush subsided, panic set inI thought I was going to have one of those instant deaths I had heard about? No. Load up. Hit again. I spent the next hour at home trying to squeeze as much smoke out of those crumbs as I could. As soon as I had a hit in mouth, I was thinking about the next one. I spent the next three hours cruising the ghetto looking for more. Thus I was addicted

22 : Scopolamine,The Devils Breath :


Origination : Germany as a painkiller for pregnant women.
Administration : Orally, Snorting, Inhaling, Via skin patches.
Price Category : Low to expensive for high quality product.
Drug Type :  Anticholinergic and Antimuscarinic drug.
Effects : Extreme suggestiveness, Psychosis, Hallucinations, Loss of memory.

Imagine youre going down a road alone and some shady looking guy blows a mystical powder at you and you suddenly lose your ability of free-will and self control. He tells you to empty your bank account and you do it, He tells you to murder your wife, And you do that too. Scopolamine makes the victim highly open to suggestion, Just like deep hypnosis.The drug has a few legitimate medical uses, such as treatment for motion sickness and for the tremors of Parkinson’s disease.Scopolamine blocks neurotransmitters that carry information to the part of the brain that stores short-term memory, Or in simpler terms what happens to people under the effect of scopolamine is simply not recorded by the brain. At the same time, the drug makes people more open to suggestions.

11 : Krokodil, The Ultimate Zombie Drug :

Orignation : Switzerland, Emerged from Russia
Administration : Injected by diluting it with alcohol.
Price Category : Mildly Expensive.
Drug Type : Psychoactive drug, Caused by mephedrone.
Effects : Immense euphoria, Followed by quick skin degradation.

Russians are the king of WMD, And their newest gift is Krokodil, The drug that kills it users within an Year of their first hit. Krokodil is made from Codeine, gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorous from matchstick heads, All of which is easily available in your neighbourhood. Claimed by many, Krokodile is 5x Times stronger than codeine and 8-10 times strong than Morphine.There have been several cases which proves that this drug poses a bigger threat than any other drug. As reported by NY Daily News, A 17 y/o girl was injecting krokodile in her vagina, Causing the nearby flesh to melt and fall. The physical only effects of this drug are similar to Crystal Meth, Which causes the flesh to be infected by gangrene of the user.