Greeting and welcome to another review/comparison/diss post, And today we shall discuss and rank BEST CHEAP SHARED HOSTING PROVIDER, We’ll approve of some and disapprove of a lot, So lets get started on what we recommend if you are just starting out, trying to make a website with keeping billings to minimum.
There is a mass variance in yearly cost of different shared hosting providers, Some provide minimal resources and other just give you a shit box that only pings, nothing else. If only one thing is certain, That is better the Hosting provider, The more it costs.

- Did You Know-

Let’s begin the list of the best cheap shared hosting providers: by Endurance International Group (EIG) :

Pros :

  • Cheap as getting a box of smokes.ipage
  • Honest Billing.
  • Somewhat Helpful Support.
  • Affiliated by SiteLock.
  • Honors 30-Day money back guarantee.

Cons :

  • Basic low-tiered performance.
  • Expensive (4x) Renewal Rates.
  • Has some lengthy verification process.
  • No CPanel.

The 5th in our race, The Prince-khalifa of dirt-cheap hosting, I-Page is really something. For $35.58 USD, You can get a year of their entry level hosts and a free domain if you want to. The services are enough, probably more for the price of 36 USD. They really earn through the ridiculous renewal fees, Which is somewhat of $10 per month after 1st year, Enough for getting a self-managed VPS.
The Free Domain costs $15 if you want out from Ipage, The usual EIG tricks.

Best Offer : $1.99/Month For 3 Years @ $71.64.
First Year Pricing : $2.99 Per Month.
Renewal Pricing Rates : $9.95 Per Month.

SiteGround Hosting (Independent) :

Pros :

  • Still Very Cheap. SiteGround
  • Non-EIG.
  • Honest.
  • As-expected Performance.
  • High PHP Limit (256MB)

Cons :

  • Somewhat non-just capping.
  • Mediocre Support.
  • Really Expensive Renewals.

Number 4th, SiteGround hosting is tested and approved by us, And it never really did had any problems. You get what you pay for. SiteGround doesn’t deal with Unlimited Resources BS, And the ones that do are scams. There is nothing Unlimited, anywhere. SiteGround Startup Plan is a really good deal for first time, At $4 Per month or $50 for the first year, It does provide good hardware to start your business on. Its $12 per month for renewals afterwards.

Best Offer : $3.95/Month For 1 Years @ $47.40
First Year Pricing : $3.95 Per Month.
Renewal Pricing Rates : $11.95 Per Month.

DreamHost : An Upper level of shared hosting by EIG.

Pros :

  • High Performance. dreamhost
  • Good Support.
  • Many Locations.
  • Premium apps.

Cons :

  • No CPanel.
  • Clumsy Panel.
  • Somewhat expensive.

I Like DreamHost, even though its EIG, Its one of the first stepping stone of many bloggers when they try to move up to the better hosts. It has better equipment, More locations and more premium services if you want to add them. Their downtime is almost none, Their staff is the cream of EIG and 97-days no questions money back guarantee is a nice assurance. DreamHost also provides shell access and free SSL, both of which are rare in shared hosting environment.

Best Offer : $7.95/Month For 3 Years @ $286.20
First Year Pricing : $9.95 Per Month @ $120
Renewal Pricing Rates : $9.95 Per Month.

A2 Hosting : An Independent Host with High Performance :

Pros :

  • SSD Powered Servers with nice Caching system.a2-hosting
  • Best Support in class.
  • Nice Response times.
  • Nice transparent billing with lots of options to add.

Cons :

  • Cheapest Plan is a loot.
  • A2 Optimized Wp installer is broken.
  • Cannot write support ticket without wasting time with lower level support.
  • Turbo Boost option asks for $9/month. What a sham.

A Cheap alternative to premium EIG-based hosts, A2 Hosting provides the best in-class support, With very knowledgeable and problem-understanding staff, It deserves the second spot. A2 provides a wide array of plans, The one we like is Swift Plan, It is the middle ground of schemes and gets the benefit of both the cheaper plan and More expensive plans. A2 Hosting also provides free HackScan Protection, SSH Access & RailGun support, which makes CDN integrate better with your site. You can also Double your CPU Cores & add 1 GB RAM @  $3.00/Month.

Best Offer : $10/Month For 2 Years @ $240
First Year Pricing : $10 Per Month @ $131 $64 Apply PromoZIP51
Renewal Pricing Rates : $12.99 Per Month.

FastComet Hosting (Privately Owned) :

Pros :

  • Same rates on first buy and renewals.
  • Just the right server for medium-traffic sites.
  • On spot support. FastComet_Logo
  • Quickest TTFB.
  • Free domain for life.
  • Easy verification

Cons :

  • New, Lot a not of momentum.
  • Limited Locations.
  • $20 Setup fees if you want to try it for a month.

The number Uno in our list, FastComet is the newest shared hosting provider. With its unique “Lock rate for lifetime” scheme and superb customer support, FastComet has smoked top tiered hosts such as BlueHost and A Small Orange in our list. Its privately owned, So there is no scent of EIG here. The performance is quite nice, maybe the best under $10 shared hosts & They provide free website migration, That’s nice.
As for 2018, FastComet is the Best Cheap Hosting Provider !
For ScaleRight plan :
Best Offer
: $6.95/Month For 2 Years @ $166
First Year Pricing : $7.95 Per Month @ $95.40
Renewal Pricing Rates : $7.95 Per Month @ $95.40

What about locally-owned hosting providers ?

Providing Hosting is a very profitable business, and because of it every ISP owner tries to provide local hosting. Its very cheap, About 50-80 cents per month. They also provide flat billing, and accepts cash. Often you can excellent deals from them, but I recommend against them. A website receives traffic from all over the globe and these ISP/Hosts do give very nice TTFP and often unlimited bandwidth, But they suck major in delivering traffic outside their country. If you seek a host for a website which lets say is a Regional-newspaper or a college festival website, You can opt for these hosts as your traffic is mostly from around your (and your hosts) region.