Recently, My very old friend, Logitech G602 died on me. It was a good mouse, Worthy of being a Gxxx series pioneer. It was haunted by the Logitech notorious double-click issue. But anyways, I’m not broken up about it. It served me though the hardships of counter-strike 1.6, I couldn’t ask more of G602.
As I try to find out the right mouse for me, Here are the 10 Best Gaming Mouse in India for every budget :

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Best Gaming Mouse All-Around :

#1 : Logitech G402 tops out as the best gaming


mouse available in India. Its very generous pricing of 2900 Rupees and top of the line hardware makes it a no-brainier. If you can excuse the mediocre plastic body with rubber finish and somewhat okay Lift-off distance, The G402 provides ultimate experience in FPS gaming.

Pros :


  • Top of the line Fusion Engine™  hybrid sensor
  • Affordable.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • Has a very nice look, Buttons are snappy.

Cons :

  • Bad feel on DPi switch, Is wonky at best.
  • Shoddy Logitech-India Support.
  • Only carry-in support, No Courier.
  • Haunted by Double-click issue.

#2 : Razer DeathAdder Elite 2013. 4900 Rupees : razer

Most popular mouse if FPS industry, The DeathAdder comes close to being #1, With just as good sensor, Better Lift-off tracking, Sturdy and claw-grip styled, The only thing holding back this machine is its costly price and Dead left-click issues.


#3 : Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouse. 3800 Rupees :

Not a Logitech promoter, But it would be injustice to not

g502add this mouse. #3 comes the pioneer in gaming, Logitech G502 with updated RGB lightning. It has all the features of G402, And adds a bit more craftsmanship on the body. The button feels very mnice but the only downside would be the long-term button issues on Logitech.


The Best Wireless Mouse :

There are some people who don’t like restrain of a wire pulling off your mouse (including me), And in the past India has been a market for chinese-only wireless mouse, But nowadays premium e-sports equipment brands are available on online retailers, Some of the best wireless mouse’s are :

#1 : Logitech G602 tops out as the best wireless gaming mouse available in India. logitech-g602-side Its has the form factor of G502, 11-Hardware programmable buttons, Big form factor, 1000Hz Polling rate and great battery life is all you can ask for. Until Logitech G910 becomes affordable in India, G602 is the best wireless mouse !


  • DELTA ZERO™ sensor technology @ 2400DPi max.logitech-g602-wireless-gaming-mouse-1
  • 250 Hours backup on Duracell AA Batteries.
  • Weight-tuning thru batteries.
  • 3 Year Warranty.

Cons :

  • Bad feel on DPi switch, Is wonky at best.g602-gaming-mouse
  • Shoddy Logitech-India Support.
  • Has issues with humid weather.
  • Haunted by Double-click issue.



#2 : HP X3500 Wireless Comfort Mouse – 670 Rupees :

I know, I know. Not a gaming mouse per-se. I see


no extra H/w buttons, Or a DPI switch. It has a generic 1600 DPi sensor and the body is all too simple. But don’t be fooled, HP X3500 is a beast unique to its own kind. A Sturdy body, good wireless range, good tracking and low prices forces us to give it a #2 spot.

#3 : Razer Atheris – Ambidextrous – 3800 Rupees :

A fine mouse with okay pricing, Razer Atheris –razer-atheris Ambidextrous is a very cozy wireless gaming mouse with 5 H/w Buttons and top-grade 7200 DPi sensor. This mouse promises 350 hours of life but we have found it to be around 200 hours, But that is enough too. Its a Bluetooth-enabled mouse, that makes it really portable and useful on many devices.

The Best Budget Mouse :

What’s a great thing to have extra ? A Gaming mouse would be a perfect answer. With numerous issues that mouse have, It seems like a great choice not to spend


too much on them. We have tested 10+ Budget mouse’s and these look like the winners :

#1 : Dell MS116/111 stands out as the top choice in budget mouse. Its lightweight, Full-sized and is stronger than a rock. Once my clanmate knocked out person with direct-hit of this mouse and later the mouse still works. Honestly, If you can do without the extra buttons and glimmery lights, MS116 is a mouse that rivals gaming mouses with its precision.



  • High Quality sensor.
  • Dirt-cheap.
  • Never stops working.
  • Has warranty nonetheless.

Cons :

  • Basic Mouse.
  • No extra buttons.
  • Clicks are too crispy.
  • Huge price variations (120rs-400rs).

#2 : Logitech G90 Optical Gaming Mouse – 800 Rupees :


Logitech G90 is obviously in our list. A truly precise mouse with Delta-Zero sensor technology, The G90 is surely a killer. Its a stepping stone for many to gaming mouse. With its super long cord and sturdy design, Logitech G90 provides a demo of how its more expensive mouse feels like, But provides complete experience as cheap gaming mouse.


#3 : Corsair CH-9301011-AP Harpoon – 1600 Rupees :

The entry-level gaming mouse from Corsair,

corsair-sabre-rgbA known brand in e-sports equipment. The Corsair CH-9301011-AP Harpoon is basically a toned-down version on M65 Pro, A renowned mouse. Corsair CH-9301011-AP has 6000DPi, 6 H/w buttons and somewhat okay Omron clickers. If you want a budget RGB mouse with premium look, This just might be the one.

Some mentionable mouse :

Obviously there are some mouse I’ve not been able to put in the list, Some are not available in India, and some I’ve had no experience with. But these mouses too are Best Gaming Mouse In India :

SteelSeries Rival 110 : A+ Quality, very highly rated FPS mouse @ 2400 rupees.
Gigabyte XM300 : A sturdy, long term mouse from Gigabyte @ 3000 rupees.
Logitech G102 & 302 : Classic old-timers from Logitech that put it on the map. 1300-1700 rupees.
MSI Interceptor Ds200 :  Really nice mouse but we hope MSI brings its whole lineup to India. 3300 Rupees.

I Don’t recommend DragonWar and RedGear mouses.


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