How much we try, its easy to lose grasp of most well-versed programming language. For that, We have created the collection of 10 Best programming cheat sheets, Including Python, C, C++, Java, HTML/5, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PHP and even Bash Commands, Because its easier when you cheat !


The Best python cheat sheet is from ehmatthes’s Github profile. He glosses over most important terms in a fraction of time. You can download the complete Ehmantthes Python Cheat-sheet for free from Here.


The best C cheat sheet i found in my 4 years of engineering college is a mini pdf called “Quick and Dirty Guide to C”, I don’t know who wrote this, If you find him, Drop his name in the comments. The pdf is hosted on Washington education Website Here.


The most comprehensive recap of Cpp is from the excerpts of C++ For Dummies, The whole book is a great guide in learning C plus plus, And when you dont have time, Get their cheat sheet pdf Here.


Java cheat sheet needs to be updated, canonical and well, Easy to read. The best one we could find is in28minutes Java Cheat book on GitHub. Its well documented, a bit long, But covers all aspects of intro java. Check it out Here.

5HTML/5 :

There are two best cheat sheets for HTML and HTML/5. The Stanford HTML Cheat Sheet glosses over important terms and is very small to memorize. Get it Here. The other cheat sheet we like is from Its very well illustrated and gets the main points. Get it Here.

6CSS :

The best programming cheat sheet for CSS we found was written by and hosted on Theirs document is very through, updated and very well written. You can download the CSS cheat sheet Here.

7JavaScript :

The best cheat sheet is from the website you might know, We found theirs JS quick recap written by DaveChild. You can get the pdf of JavaScript cheat sheet Here.

8SQL :

SQL is an entry level db-handling language. A quick way to recap what you’ve learned is through’s cheat sheet. It is comprehensive, short and on-point. You can get it for free Here.


PHP is “THE” web developer language. It has a lot of syntax, maybe too much to remember. Worry not, This PHP Cheat sheet from DreamingCode is one of the best cheat sheet you can find ! Get their best PHP programming cheat sheet PDF Here.

10Linux Shell Cheat Sheet :

When you use windows, its easy to forgot the most basic Unix commands. The BASH cheat sheet from is excellent. It starts with how to navigate in shell and Up. Get their best programming cheat sheet PDF Here.


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