Wed,Apr 29 : What started as a boring and irritating Engineering Drawing Class for Yash, Turned out to be the life-changing moment for him and his family.

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Yash Agrawal, A topper student at South Hydrabad Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T) just thought it was another day in his life when he sat on the first bench of his Engineering Drawing class, But as he opened his bag to take out the equipment’s for drawing, His dream of becoming the next leader or Aam Aadmi Party Ended before the class could.

Our reporter, Devesh Verma went to S.H.I.T to find out the full story ;

Yash, who is a first year Computer Science student apparently took out the geometry box and equipment for engineering drawing Lab, Which is a compulsory subject for all First year students. Seeing the equipment’s, His classmates filled up with rage, And started abusing him. The Dean of SHIT was called immediately to avoid riots but students have decided not to calm down until he gets expelled for not falling in line with the expected ideal code of conduct of class.
Devesh Verma
Senior Reporter (’

Yash was not available for comments at the moment as he was grieving , Our reporter found some of Yash’s associates. Here is what they had to say :

” Yash is a GHOT, and he’s damaging the no-fu*ks-given-attitude reputation of Engineers everywhere, He deserves to be expelled.” 
Ankita Sharma

” Expelling Yash had a negative performance on class results, The failed to passed ratio has increased to 4:1 and average percentage has been decreased from 79% to 45%, These statistics show that the presence of Yash is necessary in exams. “
Yash’s Teacher

As the name of trending political figure was attached in this dispute, The political parties bended the issue to their needs :

” Never would have happened if there was an AAP Sarkar in Hydrabad “
                                                                                               – AAP Spokesperson.

” Yash is a Pakistani agent sent here to degrade the education system of India, So we need to reply to them by showing the Reruns of Navjot Singh Siddhu’s commentry of IPL Matches on border. “
                                                                                                    – BJP Spokesperson

” Kal raat ka chota bheem dheka ?
                                                                                       – Rahul Ghandi [Congress]

While it is not clear what will happen to Yash’s future, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has been in the rumors for singing up Yash’s life story for his next film