Hey Guys, Welcome to another Counter Strike : Global Offensive post. A game that requires hours of Hard-work, Determination, Visualization and Guts to get better. But today we shall talk about “Emotions in Counter Strike [????]” And how might it help you to become pro in csgo.

- Did You Know-

We can’t deny that if players invest emotionally in a game, They will play better. Last Night, I was watching the ELeauge Bostons Majors 2018 Astrails VS MouseSports, Even tho Astrails was favored by 71% of the viewers, The MouseSports claimed the match 16-2.

Talking about pre-match, When everybody declared they can’t win, Including the Casters and Majority of viewers, How did it happen ? I saw the interviews before match and boy-oh-boy weren’t MouseSports guys feeling nervous, But they didn’t let it get to their team spirit. They saw the predictions, and the opponents, And they got Angry.
Starting Warmup ; The heads started to roll from Team Astrails. With every frag Mouz got, They invested more emotionally in it. One could easily hear the loud screams of “ARRGgghH“, “You can do it” and “Noice” from the Mouz side.

But what does it mean to me as a Solo CSGO player ?

The above story tells how one team converted Nervousness, Frustration and Fear into the Fuel that won the match. Its common in games like CSGO that one starts to doubt himself, where every confrontation leads to either pure-success[Kill] or total-failure[Getting Killed]. But [unfortunately] for some of us, Failure is the most probable outcome.

Its of utmost importance that even tho you are out-skilled, you are never overwhelmed by it. The pros teach us to enter every engagement like its yours for the taking, But it depends solely on yourself to build up the necessary confidence and bring the point for your team. In Counter Strike, Confidence and Visualization go hand-in-hand.
Even in your deepest failures, Remember what Win means to you, And how can you shape the game-play to yours suiting. Remember you have what it takes, And only you can improve yourself.



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