I’m a die-hard CS fan. 1.5, 1.6, Source, Global Offensive, I love them all. A major readerbase of our blog also plays Counter Strike. So this post is dedicated for our CS playing BabaHumor fans !

- Did You Know-

Since I play mostly Counter Strike 1.6, the tips below will be focused on CS 1.6. Surely these tips will make you a better player in CS:Source and CS:GO too. This post includes basic and pro tips, Videos, strategy guides, custom settings and best config files ever. So lets begin :

TIP Number 1 : Basic Shooting :

Many professional CS player believe that spray from AK-47, M4A1, SMG’s and other guns is totally useless. Only time you should spray is in very close-range battles where you don’t have time to aim.

The most effective shooting pattern is :

1 shoot burst when enemy is very far away.

2-3 Shoot Burst when enemy is a bit near.

8-10 shoot burst in very close range.


TIP number 2 : Best and Worst Guns :

Spec any profession player, I bet 80% of them uses M4A1 or AK-41 as their primary weapon. Why ?

AK-47 is no doubt the second most powerful gun in Counter Strike. But many players which i’ve seen on PUB’s and online Server use AK-47 as M4A1. When they die, they bitch about or blame something.

AK-47 should be used like a Sniper Rifle with 30 bullets. A well aimed shot by Ak on enemy torso can kill him within 1-2 hits. You should rarely use full-automatic with this gun, it has a lot of kick and you need to push the cursor down in order to fire more than 3 bullets in straight line. In order to spray in close range, press the trigger and pull the cursor down 1 cm for every 5 rounds.

M4A1 is the best rifle available to CT, and it is pretty effective on long range. Even a random spary from M4A1 can kill somebedy. It is no-doubt the best rifle for noobs. It has a effective 3 bullet tap which is 1 Bullet more than AK-47. Silencer is bad for long range accuracy. Only use silencer when being stealth is above all, or you are in fairly close quarters (especially good when flanking from behind!)

What about secondary weapons ?

The Nighthawk is the most powerful pistol available in CS. It uses the same ammo as Magnum Sniper Rifle, And it more deadly that Any rifle in hands of pro, But the very-short clip makes it useless when you are attacking a horde. The other most powerful pistol is K&M .45 Tactical AKA USP, It has 12 rounds and is very accurate. Tech9 is also a wondeful pistol in CSGO.
The guns which you should avoid :

The M249 Machine Gun (or Negev For CS:GO) is the worst gun. It is expensive, Recoils too much, slows you down, less accurate on long range, overall nobody should buy it !

In pistols the Glock-18 or 9×19mm Side-arm is the worst pistol of them all. You need to aim it to the head and use burst fire to kill enemy. However the M249 is the king of crappiest guns in CS 1.6.


TIP Number 3 : Wrong Habits :

I’ve have been killed more time while reloading than I’ve been killed doing anything else. It is the worst habit you can have, Frequent reloading promotes spraying and increases your chances of getting killed. You only need to reload when you have only 3-4 bullets left. Doing this gives you more time to see around and do killing.

The other bad habit which kills players is crouching. To be honest, a noob should unbind his crouch button as it decreases your speed. When you crouch you become a box, Easily target for Snipers, Flankers and rushers. Only time you are allowed to crouch is when you are planting the Bomb or killing by sniper.

Other wrong habits include : Rushing, Using too much radio commands, camping, jumping too much, boosting unnecessary.


TIP Number 4 : Learn some fancy tricks :

On your way to becoming a pro, you must learn some tricks. The most absolute include Spamming (shooting through walls) which you can do easily as most CS object are hollow. You need to listen carefully and press trigger accordingly. Spamming if done correctly baffles your opponent completely.

Other Trick is to shooting while running. When you stay still you become a much easy target, What you should do is press A and D alternatively which moves you left to right. It is very necessary is short and medium range combats.

Some advanced tricks includes BHoP, which is also known as Bunny Hopping, Basically you jump right before you hit the ground and strafe around using mouse and space-bar. BHoppers moves about 40% faster than normal players and it is almost impossible to target them. You should also learn how to mag without scope in close range as it can save you life many times and how to boost properly.


TIP number 5 : Use the best hardware you can afford :

To be honest, I’m a semi-pro player, But when I play on my old Pentium 4 PC and BSNL 512 kbps Internet, I SUCK. No matter how good are your skills or how pro you are, you cannot hit a target when you lag. So always use the best you can afford or you will for sure get dominated in Counter strike.

Most troubling thing for players is mouse setting. You should use whatever setting you feel comfortable in, Some tips that can enhance your cs experience include : Disabling Mouse Filter, Auto Aim, Joystick Look, Reverse mouse settings and setting mouse sensitivity to 3 while playing normally and to 1.5-2.0 while magging. To be honest the mouse DPI does NOT matter. A cheap 200 bucks mouse in pro hands is better than a 6000 Rupees gamer mouse in noobs hands.


TIP Number 6 : Improving your Aim :

Aim is the most important skill of CS. To improve your aim, Play as much as you can on Deathmatch servers, because you shoot almost constantly and you respawn immediately when you die.

Also when offline, play on AIM and AWP maps as much as you can with expert bots. I learned Magging while playing AWP-India and it is the best AWP map ever.

TIP Number 7 : Depression is as lethal as Headshot :

Many CS players get in tension when they are playing a important match, or are left alone in team. Tension makes you less active, and you skills fade. Only way to play CS is by being cool and comfortable as possible. Many people often do team-killing as they shoot at anything that moves. Don’t do it.

TIP Number 8 : Evolve :

When you are a newbie, Play as much as possible with bots. With little experience you can play on Public Servers and make your skills develop. You cannot go to expert mode by playing on PUB’s as everybody is playing lightly, What you need to do is move on to Clan Wars and LAN Gaming Tournaments as everybody is more serious and more skilled. Plus playing with your team allows you to make a strategy, which is our tip number 9.

TIP Number 9 : Strategy :

I’ve seen numerous videos of very professional players getting mowed by a team of medium-skilled players. My team has won many matches by using proper strategy.  You can spot or watch pro-lan gaming videos on youtube and apply them. This video can show you the importance of strategy.

TIP number 10 : USING MAG :

The most powerful gun in Counter Strike is the AWP Sniper Rifle. It is widely famous for “One Shot, One Kill” policy.  Every professional team should have a good sniper. In favorable conditions, A pro sniper can take out the Entire opponent team In DE-Dust2.

Magging Tips :

  • Always keep your finger on ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Shift’ button while shooting with awp as a little movement can make you miss your shot.
  • Always shoot first, ask question later. The moment you see your enemy in crosshairs, press trigger, chances are that you’ll kill him. Do not adjust mag to the movement of your opponent. Just aim and shoot as Counter Strike 1.6 does not have a chase engine.
  • Press ‘Q’ 2 times to avoid AWP bullet discharge, it saves you 1 second which is very important while killing multiple opponents.
  • Deagle is a good secondary choice for snipers, And if possible, keep nades with you.
  • Pro-snipers rely on their hearing skills to kill. So the moment you hear footsteps getting closer, locate, aim and shoot.
Videos you should watch :

Grenade Tactics And Tricks :

M4A1 Rifle Technique :

Bunny Hop :

De_Dust2 Strategy :

Optimal Rates For Online Gaming :

Insert these rates in your console for best gaming experience !

  • rate 20000
  • cl_cmdrate 105
  • cl_updaterate 100
  • ex_interp 0
  • cl_dynamiccrosshair 0
  • zoom_sensitivity 1
  • fps_max 100
  • cl_smoothtime 0
  • cl_vsmoothing 0.05
Best Config for Starters :