Welcome to the Second episode of CSGO Loadout,Here we analyze the best skins across the steam community market. Every week we’ll help you get the best bang for your buck, highlight the best player inventories and clue you in on some must-buy skins. This week we shall discuss the 5 Best USP Silenced Skins. Swipe Left-to-right to view the list :

1. USP-S | Orion : Minimal Wear :

USP-S | Orion

What are you doing with traditional skins when you can get this skin from 2030. The newest addition to USP Skins, USP-S | Orion is a Classified Pistol from the Huntsman Collection. You can also get it from The Operation Hydra Case. USP-S Orion is the type of skin that goes very well with Holo stickers, Like Splyce or any normal HeadShot Guarantee sticker.
Price :  Rs. 560 ($8.94) – Rs. 734 ($11.46)
Steam Market Listing : Here.

2. USP-S | Kill Confirmed : Factory New :

USP-S | Kill Confirmed
2 in the chest, 1 in the head

If you like highly detailed pistol, Which needs no holo’s or Foil’s to look exemplary, Look no further. USP-S | Kill Confirmed has been custom painted with the image of a bullet shattering a skull, With red ambiance over the handle and silencer. Note : This pistol still looks killer asf without the Silencer. Being a Factory New Covert Pistol from The Shadow Collection, Expect to shell out more than a few bucks on this.
Price : Rs. 4200($63) – Rs. 6100 ($98)
Steam Market Listing : Here.

3. USP-S | Guardian : Minimal Wear :

StatTrak™ USP-S | Guardian
I can follow procedure and get 7 out, or I can do it my way and save all 10… your choice – Carmen Cocinero, Extraction Expert

A very minimalist design, USP-S | Guardian is a very decent looking pistol for tight-pockets. With Counter Terrorist logo near the hammer and Cobalt styling near the silencer, This skins looks very good and has the potential to look better with some dark colored stickers. You can also get the Stattrak Version for pretty cheap, If that gets you on. It is a Restricted Pistol from The Phoenix Collection.
Price : Rs. 100 ($1) – Rs. 220 ($3) (Non Stattrak)
Steam Market Listing : Here. And Stattrak Here.

4. USP-S | Caiman : Minimal Wear :

Do you know, Caiman are close brothers of American Alligators, found in deep Amazon basin, And are responsible for many human fatalities, Just like USP-S | Caiman. This is a budget skin which gives you the room for purchasing its stattrak version. It would have been better if the designers didn’t forget the silencer. It is also a Classified Pistol from the Huntsman Collection.
Price : Rs. 230 ($3.20) – Rs. 316 ($4.40)
Stattrak Version : Rs. 850 ($15)
Steam Market Listing : Here. And Stattrak Here.

5. USP-S | Lead Conduit : Minimal Wear :

USP-S | Lead Conduit
You got what you wanted, now do you know what that means? – Booth, Arms Dealer

If you are an old school kind of guy, Who doesn’t like to spend too much on the skins but still want one which is classy enough to suit your personality, Why not choose USP-S | Lead Conduit. It is highly engraved, It looks good enough as is, but can be made better with a Bomb code sticker on the handle, Also, Its very cheap. It was the first skin i bought, And after a year, It has stayed in my loadout.
Price : Rs. 20 ($0.33) – Rs. 30 ($ 0.45)
Steam Listing Here.