Welcome to the first episode of CSGO Loadout,Here we are going to analyze the best skins across the steam community market. Every week we’ll help you get the best bang for your buck, highlight the best player inventories and clue you in on some must-buy skins. This week we shall discuss the 5(+1) Best Desert Eagle Skins. Swipe Left-to-right to view the list :

6. Desert Eagle | Conspiracy : Minimal Wear –


One of the best minimal design Desert Eagle on the market, Desert Eagle | Conspiracy is an eye pleasing skin. It is very cost effective with its price ranging from Rs.170($2.07) to Rs.220($2.60). Is is a Classified Pistol skin from the Operation Breakout case.

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5. Desert Eagle | Corinthian : Minimal Wear :

Protect. Hope. Trust. Persevere.

If you like Engravings, And you like desert eagle, The Desert Eagle | Corinthian is the one you’ll love. With golden plating and highlighting of the metal parts, and engraved badge on the grip, The Corinthian rocks dirt cheap prices.The Military Spec Skin from the revolver case collection is available for Rs.20($0.65)-Rs.34($0.80).

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4. Desert Eagle | Crimson Web : Minimal Wear :

desert eagle crimson web
Be careful where you walk, you never know where the web is spread

” It has been painted using a spider web-patterned hydro-graphic over a red base coat and finished with a semi-gloss topcoat “, All we know is that this is one of the sexiest solid-colored desert eagle on steam market. This skin is from The eSports 2014 Summer Collection and belongs to Restricted Pistol category.
Price : Rs.420($7.35) – Rs. 900($13.00)

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3. Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon : Factory New :

I’m a big fan of your work Yukako, we should talk… -Huxley, The Competition

Khaleesi Has 3 Dragons, Why shouldn’t you have one too ? (sry) Jokes aside, Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon looks dank asf with its purple handle and Dragon scales all over. It is hard to believe skin this good is going on for only Rs.800($13). It is Classified Pistol from the wildfire collection that looks +17% more sexy with a blue foil sticker on the hammer.

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2. Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm : Minimal Wear :

Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm
You think it’s the same, but look again… subtlety makes all the difference

It was tough to choose from Midnight Storm and this, But Sunset Storm 2 is perhaps the better (best) choice from The Rising Sun Collection. Its second Restricted Pistol in our list, available for Rs.650($7.70) – Rs.966($14.50)
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1. Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption : Factory New :

Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption

Fan favorite DDPAT (Digital Disruptive Pattern), Now available in Blue too, And we must say, Its a very beautiful, Highly detailed colored skin. Unlike its blue-black counterpart, Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption looks rare asf. It is a Classified Pistol from The eSports 2013 Winter Collection. With DDPAT skins, It gets necessary to buy them factory new for the best effects.
Pricing : Rs.530($5.75) – Rs.840($13.35)

Did you like this list, Or wanna add one of yours here, Leave it on the comment section below and we shall have a look !