Steam is currently down for India, China, UAE, France and many other regions. Reports its Steam Web API is suffering from HTTP Error 503. Many games running on Source Engines are down too such as Team Fortress 2, DOTA2, CS:GO & Artifact.

- Did You Know-
From also reports Problems detected Counter Strike (CS:GO), With the earliest problem reports coming in from 10:30 PM IST.

Via IsTheServiceDown

This outage could be the result of network overload, Or it could also point to pending SOURCE:2 Update for CS:GO and other games. This could be the biggest CS:GO Update since Arms Deals update, Which introduced Skins & Micro-transactions in CS:GO.

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Steam could also be down for Cache update for Counter Strike :Global Offensive. The update was rumored to arrive during the New York Majors, Which is ongoing right now.

Ofcourse this could also be a load issue, Since its weekend and around 600,000 Players were alone playing CS:GO. Whatever the issue is we hope Steam monkeys are all over it because CS:GO and DOTA is waiting to be played.