Valve has decided to launch their next pass Counter Strike : Global Offensive operation. It has been 900+ Days since their last OP:Hydra. The new operation, code-named OP: Shattered Web comes as a 1.5GB update and brings Fortnite Styled Skins, Operators Skins (As in R6) and new weapon case collection. Lets begin our “CS:GO – Operation Shattered Web Analysis.”

- Did You Know-

OP Shattered Web : Case & Weapon Skins :

There are four new sets of weapon skins available in the new cases for Shattered Web. One is the witty-named “Shattered Web Case” along with the Norse, St. Marc, and Canals cases.

Shattered Web Collection :

CS:GO Shattered Web Collection

Shattered Web Collection includes many skins, such as AK : Rat Rod, SSG:08 BloodShot & T9: Decimator. You also have a chance of getting a brand new knife : Paracord knife, Survival, Nomad, and Skeleton knife.

The Norse Collection :

CS:GO The Norse Collection

The Norse Collection cases feature skins designed by The Honey Badger. The collection theme is Greek Mythology. This collection feature skins such as Desert Eagle | Emerald JorMunGandr & AWP | Gungir. Certainly for a conqueror.

The St. Marc Collection :

The St. Marc Collection

The St. Marc Collection has a collection of tropical-themed skins, and this collection is the cheapest in Shattered Web Case. It has some good skins such as Famas | Sundown and AK47 | Wild Lotus. The St. Marc collection feature designs from CS:GO community member Chemical Alia.

The Canals Collection : 

CS:GO The Canals Collection

The Canals Collection features AWP | The Prince and MAG-7 | Cinquedea as its most premium skins, But we found rest of the skins are very good too, Specially if you like delicate handiwork done on your weapons.

CSGO Challange COIN

OP Shattered Web : Character Skins :

Once your wierd dream has now became reality. This is surely the biggest cosmetic change in CS:GO since the Arms Deal update, Which basically bought weapon skins to game. Operation Shattered Web brings completely new terrorist and counter-terrorist-sided characters. They are called Agents and they will be rolled out as mission progress rewards to OP Pass holders. These agents will also be available on CS:GO Community market.
This pretty update also ties up with the new End of Match menu, More like PUBG Style lobby.

Shattered Web Sticker & Graffiti Collection :

Collect all-new Shattered Web stickers designed by community artist daniDem, available only as rewards during Operation Shattered Web. It also includes new graffiti sprays which as purchasable through steam market.

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Gameplay & Meta Changes :

This update doesn’t only bring cosmetics, It also includes a handful of meta-breaking updates such as :

  • SG:553 “Krieg” Nerf : Price increased back to $3000.
  • FAMAS “Clarion” Buff : Famas will now cost you $2050, 200 bucks less.
  • Galil Buff : The inexpensive Galil will now only set back Terrorists $1800.
  • Main Menu Changes.
  • Addition of 3 new maps : Jungle, Studio and Lunacy.
Based on Moon, The newest CS:GO map from community.

The operation is expected to run for at least 16 weeks, giving players plenty of time to play around with the new content and collect as much as they can from the new skin collections.
The Operation Shattered Web pass will set players back INR 1150, but will include access to all missions, skins and exclusive content over the 16 weeks, making it a worthwhile investment if you are expecting to play CS:GO while it’s live.

Operation Shattered Web

Operation Shattered Web case