csgo-prisma-2-caseA Few time ago, Our favorite game newest Operation (OP Shattered Web) just ended and to commemorate this, Valve has launched a new case, The CS:GO Prisma 2 Case, featuring 17 new community-designed weapon skins and the Horizon Knives in Chroma finishes as rare special items.

- Did You Know-

Also 2020 has been a big year for CS:GO Fans, With many updates, meta changes, gameplay modifications and whatnot, CS:GO has jumped ahead in term of being rarely updated to being the most updated game in valve history. We shall glimpse over these updates too in this post.

Prisma 2 Case – Weapons Skins overview :

Prisma 2 Case includes 2 Covert Weapons (Red)3 Classified Weapons (Pink), 5 Restricted Weapons (Purple) and 7 Military Spec Weapons (Blue). All the skins are designed in a anime-fashion. Lets Decide what’s what and what’s to expect :

Covert Skins :







Classified Skins :







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Restricted Skins :






Mil-Spec Skins :






cz75-distressed r8-bone-forged



Running like a headless chicken around maps ? Can’t figure out what to do ?
Take our short and interactive CS:GO Quiz to what role should you play :


Knives Collection :


Other Updates :

  • Tec-9 Has been buffed. Less randomness and more firerate.
  • SG-553 and AUG Has been nerfed. Firerate reduction.
  • Desert Eagle Has been buffed. Low recoil, More accuracy in jumps.
  • Addition of 2 new community maps : Anubis and Chlorine.
  • Removal of 2 old community maps : Breach and Studio.
  • Visibility changes in De_Cache.

And this was our review of CS:GO Prisma 2 case, Let us know what’s your favorite skin in CS:GO Prisma 2 case. Also, Here’s an CS:GO Prima 2 Case unboxing video :

cs:go prisma 2 case