This past week has been great for Valve, Its premier game Counter Strike : Global Offensive got launched in China, A country with Skilled user base and good internet connection. Some skins got censored (Desolate Space), others were prohibited (Kill Confirmed), But all in all, It got launched and a wide rush of crowd.
In celebration, Volvo has announced a very new case : Spectrum 2 Case with 17 New weapon skins. It features two Covert skins (Reds), three Classified skins (Pinks), five Restricted skins (Purples), and seven Mil-Spec skins (Blues). Below we shall decide what is to be done with this new case :

- Did You Know-

Why Now ?

In the hides of New Skins, Valve actually changed the early round game-play of Counter Strike : Global Offensive. Biggest News : P250 doesn’t do 1-Taps-Death on helmet anymore [RIP], On the other side, The Glock was given a noticeable Buff, with changes in its recoil, running accuracy and unarmored hit-punch, Making pistols good again for terrorist as they once complained about too nerfed Tec9.

The Launch :

Before the launch of new Spectrum 2 Case, The Original Spectrum Case reached new lowest in prices, With some going for 9 Rupees (0.3cents), The community got the whiff of a new case in making. The Spectrum 2 Case was launched at 2500 Rupees ($70) but its price quickly settled at  160 Rupees ($2) within 24 hours of its release.

What Should I Do With This Case :

If you’re one of the lucky people, And got this case dropped within a week of its Launch, We suggest you open it. I know its a risky advice, But with the rates of new skins from this case, With a little bit of luck one can even his money spent. It includes an AK-47, a P250, an M4A1-S, an R8 Revolver, a PP-Bizon, a CZ75-Auto, an UMP-45, an XM1014, an SG 553, an MP9, a Glock-18, a Tec-9, a G3SG-1, a SCAR-20, a Sawed-Off, an AUG, and a MAC-10. The cheapest of these, The Tec9 Opal is currently going on for about a 100 Rupees ($1.50).

Skin Showcase :


The Highlight are the AK-47 | The Empress and M4A1-S | Leaded Glass, Both are overpriced in the market right now, With over $100. The other skins are also very good-looking, The CZ75, P250 and SSG are also going for quite good prices in the community market, We hope some of these skins will settle down in price within 2-3 months. So if you luckily unboxed these Rifles, we recommend You Sell Them. 

spectrum 2 knives

The rare items include a set of second generation Chroma knives. These include the Butterfly Knife, the Huntsman Knife, the Falchion Knife, Shadow Daggers, and the Bowie Knife. The cosmetic possibilities from the Spectrum 2 case are Damascus Steel, Doppler (all phases), Marble Fade, Tiger Tooth, Rust, and Ultraviolet. Currently some of these knives are available in the market, If you get one, Trade it for a DragonLore.

Unboxing The Spectrum 2 Case :

We love you, We can’t end a case review without a crazy unboxing video, So here you go :

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