Playing Counter-Terrorist :

The Inferno on Counter Strike 1.6 is massively CT-sided, so winning knife and choosing CT can define the outcome of the map. There are a lot of strats and individual plays you can do in Inferno and we shall go over the most successful strats here, Both aggressive and defensive game-plays  :

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de_inferno aggresive


1 : Prime AWP-er on Alley Care :

Assuming your team has won a few rounds and your main awper has an awp, He can make heavy pressure on Early Middle, T Pit and Slope area. With assistance from Assualter #2 Nades and Artillery, these guys can easily play aggressively, pushing down alley to slope watching each other backs. Once at T Pit, both the players can decide to either : Fall Back, Pushing Mid Connector or Camp Mid.
Incase of ALT-Mid Rush : The awper should really try to lock down alley area on his own, while rest of his teammates deal with the house rush. Such will promise that Terrorists cannot retake Alley easily.

A really good place for your Alley AWP to setup again
A really good place for your Alley AWP to setup again

2 : Assaulter with Flashbangs On Alley Care : 

The Number #2 main objective should be to deal damage and attract attention towards him, Making a safe play for your awp-er. This player should also flash incoming rushes to give the awp-er much needed time to set-up frag after frag. While playing aggressively, he should push first, through Alley and quick peeking close angles such as Slope, T-Pit, ladder and escorting the awp to a more lethal position or pushing solo into T House.
Incase Of ALT-Mid Rush : This player can fall back to Site B thru CTS and assist middle players. Must take care of CT-spawn, so no Terrorists rushes to site A without being noticed by the awp at Alley.

Playing defensive with your magger
Playing defensive with your AWP-er, A really good place for Ez Headshots.

3 : Secondary AWP/Prime Assaulter At Middle :

This guy needs to be very comfortable playing long range shots, Since he’ll be attending middle alone until he calls for backup. Carefully placed shots into Slope at right angles can results in multiple headshots, so attention must be paid. This player should jiggle-peek left mid and right mid quickly, If he decides he needs backup, Player #2 or #4 should assist him as soon as possible. He can peek CT Connector if his team has locked down middle, or rush Middle To Alley if needed. He can also try to flank opponent teams if the time is right.

Standard Mag Position, Try for fast single scope shots, Fall back and set-up another position.
Standard Mag Position, Try for fast single scope shots, Fall back and set-up another position !

4 : Assaulter with Flashbangs at Bombsite B :

Our Position #4 player can play very defensive, assisting his guys over at Balcony and Middle with flashbangs and distractions, Or he can play very aggressively, Pushing Mid along CT Magger or Taking precise picks at Window House. One of the places i love a lot for stalking ALT-Mid is this :

Stalking Fake Mid through Windows Shades
Stalking Fake Mid through Windows Shades

Here you can spot enemies easily, fire some shots if you have a M4, but by any chance, Do not start getting damage while stuck at vent. You’ll Die ASAP.

5 : Assaulter At Hallway/Upper Carpet :

Having this guy at this specific position is really necessary, as he provides cover to Player #4 and also avoid a flank on His Awp-er at mid. So a good buy at this posi would be some flashbangs, one nade, full kevlar and No Kit. This player can jiggle-peek thru the stairs, see whats going on at house, If he sees an rush incoming, he can call that out and the rest of his team can get geared for B Rush. If there is an Alley rush, This player should hold the hallway and Bombsite B, while rest of his team sees the situation and further decides if Player #5 presence is needed.

A great defensive layout for CT Would be :



Playing Terrorist :

Bombsite A : Bombsite A (In 1.6 And Older Series, GO’s B) is a very great site if you see it from a defensive point of view, At some cases, Only 1 Counter Terrorist is holding A with an AWP while the rest of his team is at B. So in order to sack A, You need to fake out B couple of times, Disconnect Mid from B by Smokes, And Rush in throwing flashbangs over the top of building. Once taken, Retake on A is very hard, and Can be easily avoided.

Bombsite B : Bombsite B is good if your team can do 2-3 splits well, Try to clear windows as soon as possible and boost one of your member inside, Then two of your teammates rush house and the other two rush Mid to Jungle. Experiment with different splits and find out what suits you best. Never should all the terrorist rush House altogether,its a recipe for an ace of opponent.