Greetings, We all love our furry friends, Puppies in most. But your gentle 3-4 month old pup can catch a number of scary diseases. Eating waste, Improper Hygiene and Missing Vaccination all increase the factor of catching these diseases by Tenfold.
Lets talk about the second largest dog-epidemic : Canine Distemper Virus.
I can help you through this tough process as i have went through it, With my in-house Dog ; Ruby and multiple stray pups. Lets know a bit more about Dogs with Distemper – Symptoms, Medications & Quality of Life.

- Did You Know-

Why do you think your pup has CDV ?

Canine Distemper virus is highly contagious. Your pup can eat some animal excrement’s on her park visit or they can come in contact with “ACTIVE DISTEMPER HOSTS”. See I used caps there so you know that once your pet survives CDV, and gets healthy, He can have a normal life with his furry brothers.
Once infected, Your dog will start to show these symptoms in 3-5 days :

  • Fever
  • Clear nasal discharge
  • Purulent eye discharge
  • Lethargy
  • Anorexia
  • Coughing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

These are the starting symptoms of CDV and many other diseases. If you notice any of them, Take your puppy to a Government Animal Hospital, A Blood Test only costs about 80 Rupees and will confirm the next course of treatments.
Routine Blood Tests is a sure way to weed out surprise illnesses, such as Pyometra.

Okay, Doctor has confirmed my Pup has CDV…

Things will get hard now. CDV weakens the immune system. If you have caught CDV quickly, Your doctor must have instructed broad-spectrum Antibiotics, Preferably the injections. He will also recommend glucose Drip, so the pup does not get dehydrated.

According to :


You should also consult your doctor for these proven tips :

  • Feeding Immunity Booster Medication : Such as Himalaya Immunol. This will help his protect from common cold ( A real killer in distemper) and many other illnesses.
  • Feeding overdoses of Vitamin C via Tablets : Vitamin C helps, A lot. I have seen CDV enough times and treated it enough times to know how much effect Vitamin C Has on CDV Infected dogs. Appropriate dose : 10mg tablet x 5 times day.
  • Using Ayurvedic Medicines : I cannot comment on metro city doctors, But the super kind staff and student doctors at LUVAS-Hisar (Haryana) recommended me to use ayurvedic medicines, And my dog is a living proof that it works. Distempex (Link Here) to fight off CDV, FEBROVET for fever, DIAROCIN for Diarrhea and BRONCHOVET for Cough. Don’t feed human cough medicines to small puppies !
If you see your pup exerted all the time, Take him to a doctor.

If you are financially enabled, You may inquire about “Newcastle Vaccine”. Scientists and top docs say that it a coin-flip but it works, sometimes. If you have experience with it, Please leave a comment below.
Also, since your dog has Active CDV, he cannot be admitted to a general animal ward, Take him home, make him comfortable and follow his medications. Realize that he may not make it.

What happens when we kick CDV’s fluffys behind ?

Hopefully, Your little pet will survive canine distemper. It depends on random luck, severity of infection and pups immunity how much internal damage will be caused by infection. With Ruby, She got impaired at neurological level, She cannot walk properly and feed herself, But it has been 7 years and shes still with us, As happy as a dog could be. I have also seen dogs going blind, Teeths eroding and sometimes total paralysis. I have also seen dogs shrug off CDV like kennel cough, and live on to a full healthy life. Keep up with the supplements and if all is\ okay a CDV infected pup can live out most of his lifespan.

Whatever happens, Your dog can make it, and so can you. If you’re unable to, please DO NOT abandon your little sick pup, There are many organizations that will look after him. If you need help you can comment below.

Well wishes and good luck.

Dogs with Distemper – Symptoms, Medications & Quality of Life. Dogs with Distemper – Symptoms, Medications & Quality of Life.
Dogs with Distemper – Symptoms, Medications & Quality of Life. Dogs with Distemper – Symptoms, Medications & Quality of Life.
Dogs with Distemper – Symptoms, Medications & Quality of Life.