Since the whole world is locked to their homes and majority of humans are wasting their times on social media and sleeping, We have curated a list of Free Learning Resources During COVID 19 ; Including topics like IT, Computer Science, Certification Examinations, MOOC’s and much more.

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Lets begin our list of premium Free Learning Resources During COVID-19 :

Oracle Free Learning Resources & Certifications :

oracle academy

IT Giant Oracle has made all their learning resources free of charge for a broad array of users for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database. One can access the Oracle University for them and yes, You can also get Oracle Certified for a number of subjects free of charge.

More Info : Oracle Blog on Free Learning During COVID-19.

Free Google Cloud Training for 30 Days :

google free learning

Google is offering Free Training for its Google Cloud Platform to its users for 30 Days. Upon signup you will get access to QwikLabs (Google Practical Lab), PluralSight MOOC for Google Cloud and you can select from Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Kubernetes. Being Alphabet Inc. The courses are of top quality and easy to understand even for beginners.

More Info : Google Cloud Learning Resources and Paths. Free Certification courses :

coursera free learning has always given the option to audits their online courses, that means you can learn from them but cannot gain a certification to show off your skills, Until Now. now offers 30+ Courses for free with certification from categories of High School and College Subjects, Career development and Cloud technology courses.
We specially like their Cloud Computing Fundamentals 101 MOOC, Which gives you an intro to basic cloud structure and workings without being too Brand Specific.

Read More : Coursera Together: Free online learning & community resources during COVID-19.

There is another course on Coursera, Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose, Which teaches you basic of CS, Programming with Java, Algebra and basic Mathematics.

JetBrains Academy Premium Courses :

jetbrains academy, The developers of ItelliJ IDEA (The most renowned Java IDE)  is offering students and Faculty their premium tutorials on Java, Python and Kotlin Free of Cost. Including 60 Projects, 5700 Interactive Challenges and full curriculum one needs to excel in that languages. You can also get the PRO version of one of their many IDE’s for free.

Register Here : JetBrains Academy Website.

Harvard University Online For All :

harvard university

Harvard University is now offering free learning across a range of subjects with certifications to students across the world. Now you can get certified in Computer Sciences, Game Development, JavaScript, Python, R, Machine Learning, Math’s, Biology and Neuroscience. The courses are of full curriculum and last upto 12 Weeks.

Get these courses here : Free Online Courses | Harvard Academy.

Udacity Free Audits to Nano-Degree Programs :

udacity free is well known for its Nano-Degree programs, That have a nice learning curve and a certification that has weightage in Interviews. Now you can audit any of their nano-degree for free for a month. You can view their catalog and select any top-tier program from Computer science, Languages, Business skills, etc.

More Info : Udacity Blog – In Response to COVID-19.

Full Stack Academy – Free Bootcamp Prep In-Person Tuitions :

fullstack academy free

FullStack Academy boot camp is offering their Bootcamp Prep class for free (normally $100). It’s an intro to JavaScript and its useful for a complete beginner! There is an option to take remote classes or go at your own pace with video lectures. You also get a chance to qualify for their extra-premium FullStack Academy program.

More Info : Covid-19 Program. Free Books :

manning publications

Manning, A famous publisher of Books on topics of Computer Sciences, Is offering 7 of their most-selling books for free on their website. Head over Here to access them. The books are for beginners and are enjoyable. Register now since the offer expires on 30th May.

Some Always Free but Quality Learning Providers :

Microsoft offers free learning for all its certifications exams. Here.
FreeCodeCamp has always been the best place to learn web-stack. Here.
The Odin Project has always been a fan favorite to learn about web development. Here.
cSinn at GitHub has a Zero-to-Hero CSharp course. Here.
Eloquent JavaScript is a easy to learn text-based resource to learn JS. Here.
Go by Example is a great place to learn GO-Lang, The Google’s new language. Here.
GeeksForGeeks has always been to go-to site for CS Students for DS, OOPS, etc. Here., The Furniture store of video How-to’s provide 100% Discounts on many courses everyday. This website Here regularly updates with them.