People Often wonder where to start in such a competitive game. Here’s our Newbie Guide : How To Practice CSGO. Follow our guide and you will become a better player in no time. Increase your Rank Significantly, Get more performance, Get warmed up more efficiently and be recognized in other eyes as a true CSGO Pro.

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Step 1 : Proper Setup : Config, Settings & Others :

Setting up a config : Using an optimized CSGO Configuration File (xxx.cfg) will result in more FPS, Stable GamePlay and better performance. Use the below config and copy it  :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg

Config Player1.cfg 

Some launch options you can use.

In-Game Video Settings :  
Resolution : 1366×768
Global Shadow Quality : low
Model/Texture Detail : medium
Effect Detail : high
Shader Detail : low
Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode :16xQ CSAA
Texture Filtering Mode : Anisotropic 4x
FXAA Anti-Aliasing : disabled
Wait for Vertical Sync : Off
Motion Blur : Off

Other Settings : Visit our guide on How To Get Maximum FPS in CSGO

Step 2 : Practice Arenas : Maps to increase Skill and Reaction :

The First Map you should play, And keep playing it again and again is Aim Botz – Training by Mr. uLLeticaL™-S-‘s Workshop. You can download this map straight for game by Clicking on the Play Icon -> Go to Workshop Maps -> Visit Workshop and search for this map. After it has been downloaded it will be available in for future use in Play with Bots section.

Workshop Maps

Another great map to use is Fast-Aim/Reflex Training. Its same as Aim-Bots, But I prefer this one more.
Some Other Great Maps Are :
Recoil Master – Spray Training :
Recoil Practice.
Yprac Mirage Guide : Mirage Smokes/Nades/Flashes/Spams & Prefire. 
Yprac Cache Guide :
Cache Smokes/Nades/Flashes/Spams & Prefire. 
Yprac Dust2 Guide :
Dust 2 Smokes/Nades/Flashes/Spams & Prefire.
AIM_HEADSHOT : The Perfect 1v1 Playground.
AIM_RedLine : Perfect CSGO Clan Warmup Map.

These map provide the total training a player ever needs. Proper Aim and intricate knowledge of maps can be gained by these maps, Which are very important if you always want to have the upper hand in CS:GO.

Step 3 : Keep Improving and Applying imagination to the game :

Every good CS:GO player keeps practicing, And one can never learn everything as Valve keeps updating the maps. Since you have mastered the basic and are Above Gold Nova 1, You should focus on what kind of game-play suits you, and what your weakness are.

QUIZ : What ROLE Should You Play In CSGO ?

A Major source of learning advanced tricks is from the Overwatch program. You can find very good plays, Infact the best plays on Overwatch. See their demos, Help CSGO Catch cheaters and if you find a Pro, Learn from it. You should also see your demos, Specially the ones where you have been pwn’ed. This will help you see how your opponent saw you, How he reacted and what got you killed. Make a note of it and see that it doesn’t happen again.

At the time of writing this post, CS:GO Major Berlin 2019 is going on. CSGO Pro matches are a great place to learn overpowered tricks. This major, Small teams are making an upset, Winning over the greatest of teams. This shows that CS:GO is arena that requires constant practice and the will to do self-improvement.

Step 4 : Use the Pro Slang :

Okay you have followed all the steps to the best of your capacity. You can now destroy incoming enemy rushes, Pull off clutches, Give enemies unbelievable flicks and getting better Rank. You now need to use the Pro Slangs, in-order to be recognized as a pro to other pros.
GlHf: Good Luck, Have Fun. [At the starting of match.]
GG : Good Game. [After getting played.]
Ezz : Easy. [After showing unbelievable skill.]
Choking : Domination.
1 : Affirmative.
2 : Negative.
NS : Nice Shot.
WP : Well Played. [After Match has ended.]

Applying all the above tips will definitely make you a better CS:GO Player. Here we conclude our Newbie Guide : How To Practice CSGO ?. Read our other csgo posts to become a better player overnight.

Newbie Guide : How To Practice CSGO ?
Guide : How To Practice CS:GO ?
Become a better csgo player.


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