Welcome to the review of LineageOS 14.1, The most complete & Stable Android build for our beloved Raspberry Pi 3B(+). We have installed our android build by using PINN: Smart boot-loader for Raspberry Pi 3, Infact we did a post on it here :
rPi 3 : Easy multiple OS booting with PINN Tutorial.

- Did You Know-

Today we shall rate Lineage OS 14.1 along the general criteria such as :

  • User Interface (UI)
  • androidUser Experience (UX)
  • Multimedia Performance
  • Internet Performance
  • Community/Developer Support

Following the demise of CyanogenMod at the end of 2016, its successor, LineageOS, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. The team has a build for almost every device and has a great community support around it.

LineageOS 14.1 : User Interface :

The Android boots up pretty fast comparing it to RaspberryPi architecture. One of the first thing that bugs us is that the Mouse cursor icon doesn’t get rendered properly, It was rendering fine in RTAndroid, Also, There is no support for background image.
You can find the default android controls that are enough for day to day functions, The on-board LAN controller doesn’t work, But the WiFi is enough to get connected, The Bluetooth works too. The menus are snappy, And optimized apps as heavy as Google Chrome can run on it. YouTube 720p, by app or chrome, works as intended.
Styling is minimum, And reducing the Animation scale and Effects from settings is recommended. Overall there is no screen freezes, Input lag or any kind of unwanted gesture.

Second Test : User Experience :

This port to rPi is not at all polished. There are a lot of graphical glitches, The launcher will stop working sometimes, as well as other apps. One has to set Maximum Background Apps to 0 or 1 to get it stable. There is NO (default) WAY to get apps, No Google App Store, No other thing. You get started with default browser and have to download apk’s. Some of starter apps including Google Chrome, VLC, ES File Explorer, Kodi, Private app stores and server apps all work as intended. A Good place to download apk’s is APKMirror.com .
Root Access and terminal are easily available from settings menu, By tapping build number 7 times one can gain access to developer options.
A reboot app is must if you want your install to run for more than one boot.

Third Test : Multimedia Performance :

Multimedia performance maybe the strongest point of LineageOS, And the One that matters most, As people are still searching for the best multimedia OS for rPi3. Video performance is off the charts, You can stream 1080p with minimal fps drops. Its video performance is so bug-free, powerful and easy to use, That we have used LineageOS in our project where we try to buffer Live TV off internet on Raspberry Pi 3. Read about it Here :
       Watching IPL ( & Live Indian TV) on Raspberry Pi 3 !
The OS handles all the pi’s resources very well, Infact I’m currently writing this post, Listening to Soundcloud and browsing 4 tabs on Google Chrome with minimal lag. I recon if it would still work okay if I run a background messenger app on it.
We couldn’t test its 3D performance, As most of my benchmark games requires Google Play Store, Play Services and Update services. Most low end games should run okay, Like Mini Militia, Counter Strike 1.6 Port, Clash Rohyle and COC. I will try GTA:San Andreas on it soon, Maybe it’ll run, But definitely not PubG Mobile, At-least Not Yet ;).

Test Four : Internet Performance :

LineageOS provides very smooth online experience thru Google Chrome or UC Browser. This OS has provided us with the most enriching editing experience thru Google Docs, Very biggest of pages don’t take up much time to render, And almost 99% of video-sharing websites work flawlessly. Hooking up a download manager app happened to be a mistake, As its ads use a lot of CPU and Internet, Making the system sluggish on both ends. UTorrent works flawlessly tho. We only wish its Ethernet Controller worked as required too, It would open way to android-based Kodi setup and running off different types of servers on LAN’s.

Last Test : Community/Developer Support :

Lineage Os works out-of-the-box, The only tweak one needs is enabling Installation of unknown sources in settings. Most common problems are known across all android builds of rPi, So what trick works for RTAndroid or Google AOSP will work for this too. Official Support is not available for this, nor it will be. For those delicate problems ; GIYF.
The very unofficial version of LineageOS 15.1 just launched for Raspberry Pi 3, It has some serious bugs so we wouldn’t recommend it just yet.

User Interface (UI)
User Experience (UX)
Multimedia Performance
Internet Performance
Community/Developer Support
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The closest in bringing Raspberry Pi into android realm, LineageOS Is no doubt the only choice if you want heavy office tools, Perfect YouTube streaming or the most snappier Web browsing running on your rPi3. We still wouldn't recommend it if you have any other requirements from the OS, Like media management or Servers.lineageos-android-on-rpi3