Hey Guys, Steam Summer Sale 2017 is here, and here are some amazing titles to get at dirt cheap prices. Lets Beign :

- Did You Know-

SteamHalf Life 2 (Including Episode 1 & 2) :

Release Date : 16 Nov 2004
Genre : First Person Shooter, Single-Player.
Price on Steam Sale : 100 Rupees ($ 1.54) for 3 Titles.
Link : Steam Market

Half-Life 2 is an all time classic fps that i reccomend you buy this sale. It might seem weirdhl2 to dedicate a review to a game that came out on november 16th, 2004. Still, Half-Life 2 is no “ordinary” game. Even before it’s release, it was the most talked about, and surely most anticipated game up till then.
The game is based on Valve Source engine, Altough the graphics are sub-par, the storyline and gameplay of Half-Life 2 can’t be matched. With an AI competetor which is nearly-there, The game is guarenteed to have you waste a few hours(months) of your life.

BlackWake : The Crazy Pirate Multiplayer Game :

Release Date : 24 Feb 2017
Genre : Action, Naval, Pirate, Strategy, Multiplayer, Co-op.
Price on Steam Sale : 452 Rupees ($ 7.15)
Link : Steam Market

BlackWake is a multiplayer naval FPS focused on teamwork and cooperation. You alongblackwake with shipmates go on mission to destroy opponent ships. Fire Cannons, Assist in repairs, Become a captian and Drink Rum. This game is optimized to be playable in even 350ms Ping (Slow Internet) and has a fantastic community around it. Graphics are great, In-game mechanisms are cozy, and for under 500 Rupees, We doubt we can find a nicer pirate multiplayer game.
Note : Requires Powerful Graphics Performance.


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor :

Release Date : 30 Sep, 2014
Genre : RPG, Action, Open-world
Price on Steam Sale : 197 Rupees ($ 3.00)
Link : Steam Market

If you like Arkham-style open world game about killing orcs but made special with the shadowNemesis system and excellent voice work, Then Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is for you. It is a LOTR styled game similar to Assasins Creed games, which only drawback is the dumb AI, But every other element of the game, Storytelling, Gameplay, Controls and Universe are top notch.It’s one of a kind nemesis system makes each and every enemy have a personality, which makes it feel more rewarding when you execute the warchief that was mocking you a few seconds earlier. If you are not sold, you can try out the Game of the year edition at dirt-cheap prices.

Rocket League :

Release Date :  7 Jul, 2015
Genre : Racing, Action, Football, Sports, Co-Op
Price on Steam Sale : 339 Rupees ($ 5.23)
Link : Steam Market

Rocket League is less of a “sports game” and more of an actual sport. In FIFA or Maddentocket you have a “pass” button, but to make a pass in Rocket League you have to drive your car into the ball at the right speed and angle to send it over to where your teammate is going. You have to create the pass yourself, and it can be anything, from a hard bounce off the back wall to a soft lob over the defender. There are very few games that are consistently rewarding for hundreds or thousands of hours, that can keep challenging you as you improve, and improve, and improve beyond what you ever imagined you’d be capable of. This is one of them.

Counter Strike : Global Offensive.

Release Date : 21 Aug, 2012
Genre : First Person Shooter, Action.
Price on Steam Sale : 320 Rupees ($ 4.95)
Link : Steam Market

Building on the established community of valve first person shooter games, CS:GO is thecsgo newest, hottest installation of the Counter Strike series. With updated graphics, game mechanisms, new weapons and chickens, CSGO is the number #1 game to get in this steam summer sale. Counter strike demands skills to plays, And a person with lower skillset can be (will be) treated badly by the toxic community. Otherwise the game is just great, runs on lower-end pc’s, Requires average internet, and entertaining for long.


Counter Strike 1.6 :

Release Date : 1 Nov, 2000
Genre : First Person Shooter, Action.
Price on Steam Sale : 92 Rupees ($ 1.50)
Link : Steam Market

Certainly the best game one can get for a dollar-fiddy, Counter Strike 1.6 is the originalcs16 FPS series that spawned off such a great segament. Basically, CS 1.6 is same as CS:GO, just without the toxic community, no skins, simplistic graphics but a superior gameplay. Ally with teammates to complete strategic missions. Take out enemy sites. Rescue hostages. Your role affects your team’s success. Your team’s success affects your role. If you are looking for a game to master this summer, What better can you get then the classic CS 1.6. Heavily reccomended.


PORTAL 1 & 2 Bundle :

Release Date : 18 Apr, 2011
Genre : Adventure, Action, Puzzle.
Price on Steam Sale : 69 Rupees ($ 1.05)
Link : Steam Market

The first Portal had genius, original gameplay mechanics, great story, great levelportal2 progression, great voice acting, great characters, great engine and such a nice british humour it originated a ton of memes. This sequel brings all those qualities to a new level: the story is deep, lots of wow moments, graphics is beautiful, much more levels, environments and elements to solve the puzzles, the co-op multiplayer is so fun it’s epic.
In my heart and in my mind I have no doubt: this is one of the best game ever made.
If you didn’t play, finish and love Portal 2, you understand nothing about videogames.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt :

Release Date : 18 May, 2015
Genre : RPG, Free-Roam, Action
Price on Steam Sale : 480 Rupees ($ 7.41)
Link : Steam Market


The Witcher succeeds where many other open world titles haven’t, it offers a fantasy worldwitcher3 that is truly detailed and immersive. Instead of being a marathon of collectables and fetch quests, the game offers detailed and interesting quests and side quests that branch off into story arcs and multiple endings which present themselves as moral dilemmas which are never truly black or white. There are hundreds, if not thousands of hours of content. Outside of the mein quest, there are treasure hunts, armour hunts, boxing tournaments, horse racing tournaments, card tournaments and more.


Unreal Tournament Bundle : Unreal Deal Pack

Release Date : 19 Nov, 2007
Genre : FPS, Single-Player, MODS, Action
Price on Steam Sale : 169 Rupees ($ 2.61)
Link : Steam Market

Get the wholesome goodness of classic Unreal Tournament series in this very specialut bundle of 4 games for dirt cheap prices.The gameplay is good, for the most part. deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and every combination of vehicles in battlefield style flag capping and vehicle CTF make an appearance, along with a few more bizarre game modes, and of course good old fashioned duel. There are a plethora of maps, character models, and mutators to suit your particular fancy, and the weapons look, sound, and feel really satisfying and true to the series, with the rocket launcher and flak cannon making particularly gruesome returns. If you like a great single player fps with an modern AI, then the UT series are for you.

Grand Theft Auto Collection :

Release Date : GTA V Released during 2017.
Genre : RPG, Open World, Single Player
Price on Steam Sale : 783 Rupees ($ 12.61)
Link : Steam Market

Get the classic Grand Theft Auto collection, from GTA 1 to GTA V, gtaKill some pedestrians, drive harshly, Do street missions and everything possible in the gta world. These games popularity decreased quickly after the developers of the game decided to sent a cease-and-desist order to a very famous game modding site. But still, GTA games offer a sense of freedom and power that only some games can. And it is very nice to play them single player missions



Some Other Games We Recommend are Crew 2, Rainbow Six, Steep, Dying Light, Rocket League, Mortal Kombat 11 and Tekken 7.



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