“Test Ideas by Experimentation and Observation, Build on those ideas that pass the test, Reject the notions that fail. Follow the evidence wherever it leads And QUESTION EVERYTHING, even the facts that are widely accepted.”

Ibn al-Haytham

- Did You Know-

11th Century Astronomer, Physicist and Author of Book Of Optics.

Welcome to our first ever post in the Science department, My Name is @BabaBhayanak, I’m an Computer Science Engineer by profession and a STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] follower since childhood.

Why Science & Why Now?

If anything the past couple of days have taught us, Is that whatever you believe in, Spirituality, Religion, Political vested interests, etc, In the times of epidemic (April 11-2020, COVID-19 is on the rise), Only science is that body which keeps its doors open for general public. While this doesn’t mean I want to make you a unbeliever, But My mission here is to :

  • Encourage Young People to Science.
  • Spread the latest inventions and discoveries.
  • Get the speculations Peer reviewed.
  • Find and Spread the Facts.

What lies ahead in our journey ?

We shall zoom over the facts, The truth as discovered by the scientists before us. We will also see what made them so special that they could see the things in a way that we wish to see.
No Topic shall be off-topic as long as it is related to S.T.E.M, Including Cosmology, Physics, Biology, Psychology and Chemistry. Readers are appreciated to join in on the conversation, Fellow Scientist and Science scholars are invited to Review and Argue over the posts, As we know that each person has a different perspective, And Information always gets more and more Refined when its argued upon.

My Oath :

I, Sameer Iqbal Siddiqui, Hereby pledge to :


  • Act with skill and care in all scientific work. Maintain up to date skills and assist their development in others.
  • Take steps to prevent corrupt practices and professional misconduct. Declare conflicts of interest.
  • Be alert to the ways in which research derives from and affects the work of other people, and respect the rights and reputations of others.


  • Ensure that my work is lawful and justified.
  • Minimize and justify any adverse effect my work may have on people, animals and the natural environment.


  • Seek to discuss the issues that science raises for society. Listen to the aspirations and concerns of others.
  • Do not knowingly mislead, or allow others to be misled, about scientific matters. Present and review scientific evidence, theory or interpretation honestly and accurately.

Hippocratic Oath for scientists

Lets Get Started.


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