Playing Counter Terrorist :

Aggressive Tactics by Counter Terrorist  can result in easy 12-3, 13-2 situations In the first half, So it gets very important that your team plays in constant synchronization, Taking early frags on choke points without receiving much damage and returning back to setup at some different angle. Both the bombsites are connected, so your team can use multiple ways to get to different bombsites quickly. Here is a good CT Aggressive Strat for De_Nuke

- Did You Know-


1 : Prime Awp-er/Assaulter At Outer : Watches deep outer, tries for a quick pick. Can return and setup again in Windows for further frags. A general tactic is that the outer awp doesn’t engage with threats to inside.

2 : Assaulter At Bombsite A :

3 : Backup Assaulter At Bombsite A :

4 : Awp-er/Assaulter At Ramp :

5 : Backup Assaulter At Ladder Room :

Playing Terrorist :

Bombsite A :

Counter Strike 1.6 has a very good setup for terrorist to take A and defend A. It is greatly advised that players split into 2-2-1 group, ex. 2 in cab, 2 by squeak doors and one distracting outer awp. Just watch out for Nades and never hurry to push, Multiple retakes with damage spread will result in certain victory. After takeover, same Strat should be followed, 2 watching ladders, 2 checking cab/doors, 1 engaging outer awp. Making will assist greatly on these choke points.

Bombsite B :

A well executed Ramp rush in pistol, eco and semi-eco rounds is a good choice, as retaking B is harder for CT without kevlar and flashes. In buy rounds, Slow and steady fakes to A site should get the CT rotation started, And then it’ll be much easier to get frags instead of going in and getting shreded by camping CT’s. Beware of ramp awp and nades, It can kill you and your team very easily, So never should all 5 people rush together at ramp.


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