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The 5 Best Methods to Cool Your Raspberry Pi !

Getting from 95 Degrees to 30 in a Blink.

rPi Thermal Imaging

Welcome to another Raspberry Pi post, And today we shall talk about the most efficient methods to cool your Raspberry Pi SBC !
Overheating is as disastrous in machines as cancer in humans, I, Myself has lost 2 Laptops and 5 SBC’s to overheating. Heat can cause your PI to throttle down the CPU as-well as reduce its lifespan drastically. Today we shall compare the 5 Methods to cool down our favorite PI, Lets Begin :


5.  HeatSinks :

Heatsinks are a common and cheapest way to cool down your PI. Heatsinks designed specifically for Raspberry-Pi are available throughout the internet for $1-$2 bucks easily. Most efficient material for heatsinks are Copper and Aluminium. The best idea is to get a 3-piece combo heatsink, As the USB hub and 3.3v linear regulator gets more hot than CPU itself. Copper heatsinks are a but costly,but they work wonders. Also it gives your pi a sleek-n-sexy look (not that it needs any more), Installing a heatsink should be the first step in cooling your Pi. Below are the results of using a heat sink :





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