Greetings to Raspberry Pi 4 updates. We all were very exited to get hands on new raspberry Pi as hot as possible. I got one too.
It has been 60 days and after testing it thoroughly, And following the developments on Pi4, Here are the Raspberry Pi 4 Updates :

- Did You Know-

The Good :

raspberry pi 4 updateRaspberry Pi 4 is super fast, Easily comparable to Core-2-Duo laptops. It now supports flawless H265, Stutter-free local video-playback and smooth Web browsing experience, High capacity USB 3.0 Ports, OTG USB type C, Upto 4Gigs of RAM and a superb SOC.
The Raspberry Pi 4 bridges the gap between Enthusiast board and commercial SBC. With dual video outputs and 4k res, This Pi is also very useful in advertising purposes.  The RasPi Foundation has done a great job with stocking the Pi4 in all variants all over the world. I Was able to get a Pi4 within a fortnight of its launch in India.
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The updates are also flowing through constantly. The First update helped greatly in reducing the temperature.We also enjoyed the latest Raspbian Buster and applaud the developers for making such a lovely OS. The newest update adds Scratch 3 to buster. To update your Pi Use this command : sudo sh -c “apt update && apt dist-upgrade && apt autoremove
In Other OS Makers, Arne Exton released a new edition of his RaspEX OS. Read more about it here.

The Bad :

Flirc Case, The only decent enclosure for Pi4 yet.

This version of RasPi has received very slow feedback from accessories manufacturers. There are still not many types of Enclosures available for Pi4, Such as Full-Heatsink cage and a fan-supported case. There is also a shortage of Pi4 official power supply all over, Because of an Ugly bug in the SoC. Local distributors are making a fortune selling Chinese 3.1A Power supplies, Which look like they have been modeled from waste plastic.
We’d love to see more, beautiful enclosures for the raspberry pi 4. Take a look at and see how many cases are available for Pi4 vs Pi3.
There is also a unusual slowness in custom OS makers for Pi, There is yet no Android port and many emulator OS are also yet to come.

The Ugly :

142398-201493-201491_rcThe Raspberry-Pi Foundation screwed up big time over its first USB Type-C Product. Missing capacitor on board makes majority of quality Power Supplies unusable. I say if the type-C was giving hissy fits, The foundation could have gone to Barrel Jack PSU.

The Pi4 is also getting notorious reviews for being too hot to handle. Even 10 Minutes on Idle will make a RPi4 reach 80 Degrees Celsius, and then it throttles down to 200MHz. That a major flaw and can only be solved by Good, Air flow optimized enclosures and proper heatsinks.

The Pi4 Still doesn’t support USB-Boot, So NVMe SSD or 3.0 USB Booting is not an option right now. The web experience still needs to be refined software-wise to provide excellent video playback.
The PiFo should also start talks of porting Android to Pi4, Seeing as the new SBC is more than enough to run Android Flavors. This would result in opening of a whole new segment, Using Raspberry pi for truly portable devices.

We shall keep you updated for upcoming Raspberry Pi 4 updates, Like Us on Facebook and keep in touch.