Rules We Follow

We at BabaHumor, follow these rules :

  • is a comedy and entertainment website. Any things which you think are offensive to any particular race, religion, sex, creed or being can be reported to us and we will do our best to resolve the mistake.
  • uses 3rd Party cookie plugins, If you have any problems, please do not visit the site.
  • Registered users are allowed to create and post content on with the following guidelines :
  1. Content must be unique, If it is copied, the source must be specified under content.
  2. If the original creator of post denies permission to reuse their content, you need to delete their content ASAP.
  3. Moderate offensiveness is allowed if the field is comedy/humor.
  4. Use of curse words is allowed, but discouraged.
  • If you are interested to be an Moderator in BabaHumor, Please contact us with your details.
  • BabaHumor occasionally posts articles with tags “Not-So-Real-News”, That declares that the article is for Humor purposes only, Without any or marginal relation with truth. If you’re interested in real news, Please go to
  • Moderators can be removed if their power is misused, For example : Over-censoring, Deleting an post unnecessarily, Abusing users or any other misuse of authority.
  • A Post can be removed if :
  1. A group of users think it’s offensive.
  2. Contains boring stuff.
  3. Has NSFW pictures in it.
  • NSFW Category : NSFW means Not Suitable For Work stuff, If you see an code in the post claiming its NSFW, And you still decide to view it, BabaHumor will not be held responsible for damage.
  • BabaHumor Forum rules :
  1. BabaHumor containes 4 main categories of forum, TV And Online, Music And Celebrities, News And Social and Humor or Comedy.
  2. Topics posted in wrong sections will be moved without any confirmation for author.
  3. Spammers and Abusers will be banned using IP_BAN system.
  4. Topics including adult content will be deleted ASAP.
  5. You cannot delete your post after it starts to get replies.
  • BabaHumor Privacy Policy can be changed at any time without any notifications.
  • By logging-on to BabaHumor, You understand and agree by these rules.