This Snoop-Dogg Freestyle is better than many Rap Songs

I’m Here now nigga, Yeeah
You’ve been waiting for me to bust on this B
So lemme go ahead and lemme do my thing here man
I Got One Already
You can smoke with the GeeZy
I’mma smoke on the Bleezy, nigga
Take it Eazy
Big Snoop-DeeZe, All in the place
Like the beat go Bang, Now turn up the bass
I’mma give it to you live, So to wreak upstage
Cuz I’m a different nigga when i hit that stage
My name is Snoop-doggy you can turn the page
I kick that shit like 12-Gauge
Mothar-ph*ka get close to the shit I Bail like
Snoop-dogg on the microphone and I came like
This is dat real shit from my brain like
Niggas get close trying to pitch in the frame like
Don’t get close cause I represent the coast
Burn a nigga like Breakfast toast
Yes Indeed, I proceed,
And I’m in Amstradam blowing Weee-ed
(Chorus Money In Da Bank)
Let me break it down, Like this
See, See, To get  Money is a small thing for me
To get money is a big thing for you
But you dont get it like I get it
Cause your name aint Snoop
And you don’t roll around in a 7-8 Coop
With the windows laid dat, Laid Back
With a Bad bitch holding on my Liddat…
Yea if I Lick dat, Liddat and clear dat
And do it to you just like diddat, bloodbath
Going bam, Cause i go like that
I make a motherfuc*er flow like that
I take it back you stole like that
Wassup Bi*ch, You make em wanna hoe like that.
Ah, Cause I’m all about the cheese
Snoop Dogg, D-O-Double G
Cause I’m the one and only
S-N-Double O-P D-O-Double G- Y
From the LBC
(Chorus Money In The Bank)
Let me break it down one more time :
Green is for the money
Green is for the bud
Green is for the shit I’be doing in the club
Green is for the people that be down with me
And Green is for the motherfucking D-P-G
We get it all the time never-ever fighting it for
And Green is the shit I’be putting in my blunt
And Green is for the motherfucking standing by the side
When Snoop does the touchdown screaming E Side
(Chorus. End)