Gevesh Verma, An Engineering student at Tata Institute Of Technology & Science (T.I.T.S), Pilani, Has received 20,000 Rupees for inventing safer cigarettes. Devesh Verma’s new cigarettes has been accepted by Gills, An Indian Tobacco Production company (makers of Told Flake, Klassic & Bahen-tol) for mass production.
With the help of Gevesh Idea, A smoker can reduce his cigarettes count upto 25%.
A study done by Bombay Observation & Orientation Bhawn (B.O.O.B) has verified the results of this product.
A Chat between Gevesh Verma And BabaHumor’s reporter “Homosapian Boii” :

Question : How Does Your New cigarettes work ?
Gevesh Verma : Well the new cigarettes are 15 Inches Long, And the way to smoke it is in breaks. The cigarettes have special markings on them which help you know that you have smoked enough for one session, You are then supposed out to extinguish the cigarettes for a later use.

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Question : Do you feel any different while smoking these special cigarettes ?
Gevesh Verma : I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I know, maybe I am consuming the same amount of harmful tobacco. But the guilt feeling has been certainly reduced, and that is very important.

Question : What motivated you to develop this ?
Gevesh Verma : I used to finish a pack of ten’s per day, And each pack gave me feelings of guilt. But now I am going crazy with just the thought of smoking only one cigarette during whole day. I thought I would never be able to do this in my entire life, but dream is turning into reality.

Question : What do you think your next goal will be ?
Gevesh Verma : After the success of extra long cigarettes, My next aim is to reduce number of pegs I drink in one sitting, by increasing size of each peg.

Question : Any special name you’ve thought for your invention ?
Gevesh Verma : Yes, My new cigarettes will go by the name of LODA, Which means Low Odour Dense Affect Cigarettes.

Our Psychologist have reached to the verdict that Gevesh Verma invention should receive a Bharat-Ratna Award, As at least the smokers will not be worried all the time that they are doing something wrong. They will still be destroying themselves, but with peace of mind.



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