Welcome guys to another session of Counter Strike post, today we discuss the most important aspects of a Gaming Clan, Like :

- Did You Know-
  • Why do you need a clan ?
  • What to look for in a clan ?
  • The 3 Most important things in a clan.
  • Roles of players in a clan.
  • Maturing as a clan.
  • Strategies & Execution.
  • Unspoken rules of TeamGame.
  • Leaving a clan.

Before we begin this post, Lemme intro myself, I played Counter Strike 1.6 for 6 years for the clan big [B]ad wolves, And our clan recently also started to try our lucks in CS:GO. What i share here is the knowledge I earned from my teammates. If you follow this guide, we bet you’ll find your gaming family in no time.

Why Do You Need A Clan ?

Solo playing is great, play when you want, pause when you want. A great deal of extremely enjoyable hours of my life is spent playing Counter Strike : Condition Zero campaigns. But every gamer sooner or later starts to learn the bots, And individual skill cannot be increased by killing opponents with same hardness as always. To increase your individual skills, You need to play with a friend, that progresses to master the game at the same level as you.
Not to forget, Another valuable skill “Teamwork” can only be gained by playing with friend/s.

What To Look For In A Clan ?

Allright, You’re sold. You want to be in a clan as soon as possible. But joining a clan of unknown players has its rewards and its risks. You’ll get to learn new tactics by them, but they will never support you unless you can carry them. So it is recommended that an ideal clan should be :
> Friendly. (No ToxicFuks -_-)
> Personally Known.
> At the same skill group as you.

The 3 Most Important Things In A Clan.

Well you found out that you old friend too plays the same game, And you found some other guys, and created a clan. Well the hard part is over.
A new clan most importantly needs a Skilled and Humble leader. This guy should teach the game to its clanmates, the way they hope to play and setup scene that his guys play well.
Secondly, A new clan needs to be cooperative. Multiplayer games are more enjoyable if every player holds his own and racks up points for his team. Being able to understand what your teammate wants you to do at what time is the greatest skill a clan achieve, And the only way to get that is by being cooperative.
Third most important thing i feel a clan need is Brotherhood. I think the reason my clan lasted so long without any fallout is because all of us members know each other since eternity, long before we started playing any games. A sense of unity effects your gameplay. How much your team covers you directly decides how long will you live in a round.

Roles of Players in a Clan.

Before you start making your strategies you will need to assign you team different roles that they need to focus on and practice.
Here are the main roles:-
Entry Fragger – The first one in. – Aggressive. Great shot. Great communication.
Playmaker – Get trade kills if the Entry Fragger goes down. – Aggressive. Great shot. Great in the clutch. Great communication.
Strat Caller – Calls the round strategies (and/or ct positioning). – Great knowledge of the game. Great communication.
Support/Defense – Aid those in need of a pop flash or smoke. – Great knowledge of Passive. Can stay calm and pick up trade kills. Great communication.
Awper – The primary awp. – Great reaction time. Great aim. Can entry. Great communication.
Decit – Unpredictable.Can ambush enemies and get frags in fakes. – Great knowledge of rotations. Great positioning. Great use of sound. Can Solo.

Maturing as a clan.

Being in team which is on the same skill level as you gives the whole team to practice homogeneously. We, in b[B]w, used to (and still do) 1vs1 Showdowns 4 rep, 1vs2 Challenges, 2-2 Bombsite Attack/Defense challenges, etc. Playing against your teammates also gives you the idea of what will happen in a match, And how will they react on a specific stimulus.
Playing together not only improves game-sense, But also increases individual skills tenfold.

Strategies & Execution.

The title makes it sound so hard, But Strats refers to the method of execution. Every player should discuss there pros/cons and team up with a person of your opposite qualities. Suppose you are the AWP-er for your team, Taking another awper along with you wont be as good as taking an assaulter with you. Now you 2 are a lethal Long & Short combo that can easily score frags.
Execution cannot be planned, because as long as you are playing against real live opponents, Each strat will end in a different way, So it is recommended that each player follows a strat to a point, Then they all go solo,Example : one plants, one clears with AWP, 2 looks at another way. This group/solo strats works great in RPG/FPS games.

The Unspoken rules of TeamGame.

5 rules that one should follow for good game :

  1. Always Provide Cover.
  2. Let your Player ace, dont eat their score.
  3. Always scan Radar before throwing Grenades.
  4. Play aggressive/defensive as team requires.
  5. Never diss your teammate for a lost point.

Leaving a clan.

If there ever comes a point where your clan is holding you back, be it because of lack of individual skills, or a toxic player in a clan discourages you, Leaving a clan is a viable choice, But one must understand teamwork and professionalism comes with time, Nobody is born perfect. Try to correct your teammates, help them if you can. If you still feel like something holds you back, You can always leave.


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