Gamesense… To understand it, we must see what makes a player better than another. There are some factors easily understandable; Hardware, warm-up, comfort, in-game equipment difference, confidence and so on. But if we talk about the other half, i.e Skills in FPS based games, It can be divided into two major parts; Aim-Sense & Game-Sense.

- Did You Know-

Aim-Sense is how true your aim is. Its developed by hundred of hours of aim practice, And is said to be achieved when your hands are mapped with your hardware in complete sync. Aim-sense requires perfect Hand-Eye co-ordination, that means getting headshots an involuntary action.
When i think of Game-sense, I remember an old CS 1.6 ace of Edward, Against Fnatic all the way back in 2010, After-all there is no better aim-skill based game than Counter Strike 1.6 :

Game-Sense is more about hazard management. It can only be mapped when odds are stacked against you. Think of Game-Sense as subtext, and csgo is a book where subtext matters. Raw practice can only get you Aim-trained, To be vetted as a “Pro” means getting the drop over your enemies in complex engagements during competitive scenarios. It means you are never looking out of scope, you are never helpless, even when surrounded, there is a hit in your shots, And a grace in your movement…

The major components of GameSense in Counter Strike can be termed as :

  • Location Knowledge : & i’m not talking about knowing basic structure of maps. In CSGO, every corner can be used as an advantage, height difference counts as much too. If used properly, The knowledge of location can be used to become Invincible. When people don’t see you, Shots don’t hit you.
  • Equipment Knowledge : There is a way of using each weapon, And it must be used that way. If a pistol is made for peek-and-tap but you run up-and-close with it will make it harder for win the fight. Learning utilities count too, Using Grenades to cause important damage, Molotov’s to clear a path, smokes to Ninja-defuse & slipping by and flashbangs because Gods shouldn’t be seen.
  • Explosive Factor : CS is a tactical shooter. You don’t just start spamming from spawns. There is a strategy, an execution. To get into a vantage point, waiting for your moment and mowing down opponent team is called Explosive Factor. It depends solely on your timing.
  • Visualization : Each clutch begins with a thread of visualization in a pro’s mind. And when you have handled too much Bomb-defends & Retakes, You start to see pattern all over them. You have seen a player doing something, That afterwards another player does the same thing, You can be ready with a Pop-flash and bring the wrath of M4A4 over a poor terrorist.

You can see what I’m talking about in this hilarious video :

Honestly, I know what low-ranked CS:GO players go through, Even when their aim is 100%, Bad choices in between rounds, Even as small as buying kevlar+Helmet in eco’s, Hurts their odds of winning.

A quality Gamesense is developed by playing with better players, Watching their executions and their fails. A good pro is never bought down by a missed clutch, Try to copy them in-game and memorize their strongest strats that are easy yet deal heavy damage. Make it a habit never to miss any Major, And try to do as many Overwatch as you can.

Skilled based games are hard, And thats what makes them interesting. I would have liked CS:GO more if it had unranked matchmaking, So I could have played with people better far better than me, And teach less-skilled players, But hey… Alteast we have a new case incoming sometime soon…


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