Hi guys welcome to the the firsthand review of InMotion Hosting. I’m a part-time freelancer web developer, and recently one of my client needed to shift from HostPapa shared hosting plans to something more powerful, But one of his request was bizarre, that he must get managed VPS, as he has little to no experience with back-end Linux.

- Did You Know-

Queue InMotion !

So in my quest for good VPS provider, My experiences has taught me to stay away from EIG Hosting Companies , They are highly unreliable and must only be used for short term projects. InMotion Hosting grabbed the spotlight, since i have also used them once in the past and I didn’t heard any complaint from the client afterwards.

Plans :

Since InMotion is a managed VPS provider, they setup your VPS for you and also provide you with CPanel, A web based GUI that helps you manage your server easily.

InMotion hosting review plans

InMotion site is pretty straightforward, But be aware, the prices shown in the above image and the default site is for 1 year duration plans only. For monthly basis, each plan cost increases by 10$-15$. If you’re looking for headache free VPS hosting, this is about the standard cost of good hosts.

What They Promise :

We cant say much about InMotion hosting, as they have a good reputation in a bad business, where every sad customer leaves a bad review and none of happy customers provide feedback, bad image is like the new default. Moving on, they provide some promises and attention seeking facts on their site :

InMotion Features

4GB RAM and Easy website migration with LaunchAssist are pretty good features, But after all this time, InMotion Hosting still provides the default LAMP Stack instead of new, better LEMP Stacks.
In their Diss Section, what we can see is mostly true :

InMotion Review.

But somehow i feel that all the other hosting providers they compare themselves to, Are a bit under-powered. The real competitor of them is A Small Orange, whose VPS service is the same, somewhat better in terms of customer support.

Payment And Setup :

Checking out, you can get domains along with your VPS at 15$/Year, which is somewhat expensive if you checkout other Domain Registrars. Proceeding, They give you the option to select your server location, As of now, InMotion hosting has data-centers at two spots : Washington, D.C. (US East Coast) & Los Angeles, CA (US West Coast). We choosed west coast, moving on, the final payment page opens, Insert your email and it’ll hook you up with an Account Management Panel, a landing page for your Cpanel. The payment was quick and our order was in review.

inmotion hosting control panel

Verification :

This stage often presents a lot of pain if you’re not a US resident, And in our case, we ran into some random verification too, That wasted about 2 days and we had to provide proof ???? I guess they have to do that as they provide 90 day money-back guarantee and some people will do about anything for free hosting xD !

Later On :

We were finally verified, And into AMP, we fired up launch assist, Imported our oriignal site, redirected the domains, and it worked…For A While.
Soon we started getting mails from system admins and customer care that we were using too much resources. The site used to run fine on shared server, and the VPS was much more powerful. It took me a while to figure out that the site was improperly configured, Thanks to launch assist, What a Joke !
After a custom reinstall, The resources returned their supposed values and the threats (xD) from inmotion stopped. Ever since, The website works perfectly and hasn’t been down for more than 15 seconds in 8 Months.


Buy for performance, Not For Customer Support. InMotion has SSD, Good Network Bandwidths, they will serve your needs if speed and reliability is what you desire. Only if they provided LEMP Stack as default, they’d be the best, If not, their 90 Day money back claim is solid !


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