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VPS : Vultr Self Managed Hosting Review.

A Low cost self-managed SSD Hosting Provider.

Vultr hosting review

Hello peeps to another review in the series of VPS Hosting, Today we shall shift our focus on VulTr, A self-managed VPS hosting provider. I have first hand experience with Vultr, As this website is hosted on their VPS. Want something Cheap, Powerful and Nuisence-free ?

Queue Vultr !

So in my quest for good VPS provider, My experiences has taught me to stay away from EIG Hosting Companies , They are highly unreliable and must only be used for short term projects. A good name in the industry of self managed VPS did come up on google search, Which i expected it wouldn’t, As these hosts dont do much advestisement incomparision to bigger, well funded brands (Ipage, Hostgator, bluehost), And this name was Vultr.

Plans :

Since Vultr is a self-manage ecosystem, It provides much cheaper plans in comparision to other VPS providers. I have to admit they are pretty honest about the whole billing thing. Here are some plans they showcase :

Vultr Hosting Plans
Vultr does provide more expensive plans, With the most expensive one at $640/Month (24CPU, 15000GB Bandwidth and a more than enough RAM). The $10/month plan is really good for medium websites, game servers and such. The billing is done on every 30th day, And if your exhaust your resources, You are deemed inactive till the next billing cycle.

What They Promise :

There are not a lot of good reviews of Vultr out there, But its a buisness where every unsatisfied person leaves a review and good ones don’t. Vultr on their website claims to have server in 15 locations, spread out over Europe, USA, Singapore, Japan :

Vultr sever locations

Vultr also has its own DNS Service, The Nameservers are on an AnyCAST network and ensure fast DNS Resolution (Nomore “Waiting to Connect”).You also get warp-10 fast SSD VPS cloud servers with 100% KVM Virtualization.

Payment & Setup :

Signup is easy, As they promise on their website, We were able to get our VPS alive in 60 Seconds. They accept almost all types of payment options, Credit, debit, Internet bank, and paypal. Once done with the payment, You can proceed onto other steps, Such as selecting an OS for your VPS :

Vultr OsYou can choose from a variety of pre-selected OS’es and also upload your custom ISO, A feature that very less hosting providers give. We selected Debian 8 and our server was installed in less than a minute. You are also given choice of :

  • IPV6 Networking
  • Private Network (Internal IP Issue)
  • Auto-backup at addtional $5/month.
  • DDOS Protection in selected locations.

We feel like vultr should also give the choice to use some Website transfer tools, as InMotion hosting provides during signup.

Customer Service :

Being a self-managed hosting provider, Vultr hosting staff does not help with website issues of internal server issues, So one has to take care of that himself. But they do provide fast services to Server with hardware problems, network problems and billing problems, Also they have a nice collection of knowledge-base that covers almost everything.


Vultr is one of the host which we recommend highly. They don’t hassle their customers for more money, They have a good uptime policy and do honest billing. But being a self-managed hosting provider, you better know how to use Linux and setup your website over console commands.




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