You have installed latest version of Kodi on your system, Grabbed YouTube from the repo just to encounter error “Quota Exceeded” or “Daily Limit  Exceeded” or “Setup Personal API from Setting”. The fix is simple and require you to setup API from Google Developer Console. See the steps below.

- Did You Know-

How to Install YouTube Kodi Addon :

  1. From the home screen, select Add-ons > Add-on Browser 
  2. Select Install from Repository > Kodi Addon repository > Video Add-ons > Youtube > Install
  3. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

The installation is straightforward. You should now see the YouTube icon in My Addons -> Video Addons. Open it, Run the first time wizard and follow the onscreen steps.

How to Setup API For YouTube:

Configure the Kodi YouTube add-on:

  • Settings -> API -> Enable personal API keys = ENABLED
  • Settings -> API -> API Key = BLANK/EMPTY
  • Settings -> API -> API Id = BLANK/EMPTY
  • Settings -> API -> API Secret = BLANK/EMPTY

Enable the api configuration page, to enable this go to the Settings - API and enable Enable API configuration page

You should then be able to update your keys by visiting http://<IP of Kodi device>:<port>/api
The port used is Settings - HTTP Server - Port which by default is 50152

Create a New Personal API For YouTube Addon :

  1. Sign in at

2 . Follow These Steps :


YouTube on Kodi : Setup Personal API

YouTube on Kodi api error

YouTube on Kodi Personal API

YouTube Personal API

api kodi youtubeYouTube on Kodi : Setup Personal API2YouTube

Sign In :

During the add-on Sign in process you’ll be asked to Connect a device twice.


Enter the Device Code obtained from the Youtube app on Kodi -> Sign In.

The second time you Connect a device, you will be prompted with:

This app isn't verified
This app hasn't been verified by Google yet. Only proceed if you know and trust the developer.

From there clicking Advanced and Go to <your project name> (unsafe) in the browser allows you to complete the process.

Hopefully you now how a working youtube addon on your SBC powered KODI.


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