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We Develop For The New World.

We at BabaHumor.com believe in using the latest, bleeding-edge technologies and tools to create the perfect online presence for our customers. We got you covered on all fronts, Scroll below for more details :

Web Solutions for Home & Enterprises.

We provide All-in-One solution for your online requirements. Be it Web development, Graphic Design, Server Deployment or Trobleshooting Services, We have got you covered !

Experienced Developers.

Our In-house Media, Web & Software Developers follow the latest trend, There is nothing virtual which we cannot create.

Flat-Rate Pricing on Websites.

Get a outlet for your customers on the web, that too on very affordable prices. We provide special discount of wordpress sites.

Long Term Support on Products.

Experience our super friendly support staff. With the bundled documentation and an expert on your back, Never be scared of downtimes.

Ease of Payment & No Hidden Fees.

We always work under our estimates and within our timelines. Pay with confidence using PayPal, Visa, BitCoin & E-Wallets.

  • Apache & EngineX Deployment.
  • Server and Hosting Management.
  • Gameserver Deployment.
  • Raw , JSP & CMS Based Web Development.
  • Graphic Designing.
  • SEO, SERP & Advertisement Management.

Guys at BabaHumor.com created a super-fast, reliable and function rich social network for us in just 2 days. We reccomend everyone to give them a try.


Studio Owner

Within a day they presented me with a beautiful website for my college sports fest. Great work and endorsed.

Quasar College Event

College Student

I Asked them for a consultation for my online business model and the experts at babahumor.com saved our reputation.


E-Sports Website

When our servers were getting D-Dos'ed, The guys at babahumor put up a hell of a defense. We are still secure years later.

Joister Gaming

Server Providers